Looking for a Copywriter in the West Midlands

Is your sales copy letting you down?

A sales copywriter expert will “poke the pain”, market the problem first and offer value added solutions.

Why would you need a West Midlands copywriter?

Busy owners and managers simply don’t have the time to craft content based around keyword research and emotional triggers, which is where we can help. There are many reasons why you will need the help of a sales copywriter. People buy from people they know like and trust, and your marketing copy should have a conversation with the reader one-to- one, not to the masses.

The written word (and the well-crafted script) are powerful tools in the marketing armoury to deliver persuasive messages that bring issues to the fore and then offer obvious enticing solutions before soliciting action. Our sales copywriters will start a conversation in a conversational style of the right tone with crafted headlines and sub headers to expose the issues, and offer solutions substantively.

How much should you pay for a copywriter in the West Midlands?

A good copywriter is worth their weight in gold.  Dan Kennedy is one of the highest paid copywriters in the US and therefore claims best copywriter position, charging fees between $50,000 and $150,000 per campaign. You will be glad to know our fees are quite a bit less.

Take action today to start the development of your proposition. Call our copywriting team at our West Midlands office on 01827 69772 and we will be happy to give you free advice on what’s working and what’s not and we will be very happy to give you an irresistible offer.

Still not convinced?  Here are some tips (below) on how to use copy to your best advantage in print and on websites.

How to increase your sales conversions and profitability with professional copywriting.

Most companies overlook the importance of copywriting and how vital it is in persuading your target market to trust in your brand. Many copywriters use over-elaborate vocabulary but plain speaking simple English should be your guiding principle, (particularly on websites).

Your sales and advertising copywriting should always have a strong headline and needs to be persuasive, full of user benefits (not features) accompanied by a compelling call to action. The AIDA principle works well here: For those who have forgotten our friend AIDA, it stands for Attract, Interest, Desire and Action.

Copywriting for your website

Do not underestimate the value of professional copywriting or blogs for your website and associated internet marketing activities. Freelance copywriters, copywriting agencies and web copy companies have to write their web pages and advertisements on 2 levels.

The first objective is to be found by the search engines and selecting the correct written keywords can make the difference between successful and unsuccessful internet marketing activity.

The second, but equally important level is to provide engaging and interesting copy to persuade your visitor to trust your business and engage with you in a meaningful way.

Copywriting strategies for your business

Effective sales copywriting will also work at a strategic level and should always highlight the problem, offer a value for money solution and provide a prompt call to action.

So in the true spirit of this article, if you feel your sales or website copy could be improved to increase your sales, then you seriously need to consider the services of a professional copywriter or a copywriting company that can integrate these sales strategies into your marketing collateral, web design, pay per click campaigns and your search engine optimisation.

Stratique can help you improve your marketing performance dramatically, by developing a business focussed copywriting strategy to generate more sales enquiries, engender more trust in your brand, and convert more leads into customers using a range of sales conversion copywriting strategies online and offline.

Call 01827 69772 today for a friendly chat about how we can help you sell your benefits more effectively.

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