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Many SMEs sadly neglect how they are viewed by the outside world, taking the common view that customers know and love them as they are and new customers are more interested in what they do, rather than how they look.  Stratique is a specialist Brand Identity Agency based in the Midlands.  We help SMEs and manufacturing organisations and Trade bodies develop their positioning in their market(s).

Manufacturing and engineering companies are all too guilty of this and many are still living with the identity they had when the company was founded. Stratique has many years’ experience working with companies to keep their brand identities up to scratch so that they reflect the market they are in today.  Sometimes a complete brand and logo design overhaul is required, and there’s nothing our brand designers love more than a blank sheet of paper, to create something truly original.  But, more often the solution is evolution, rather than revolution, and we work with many companies in simply modernising and refreshing their brand identity to more accurately mirror the demands of today.

Strategic brand development

We never, ever, start to design without first fully understanding the objectives of the positioning brief and considering the implications for all audiences.  In new logo projects, we like to get under the skin of a client’s business, how it sees itself, how others see it, and what it hopes to achieve.  Only then, can we design logos, branding mechanisms and taglines meaningful and relevant to the market.

Brand identity agency / consultancy

We will happily undertake a complete brand review across all marketing platforms and provide a comprehensive, independent report on your brand and logo effectiveness.  If you would like us to consider a new brand identity, we will be pleased to share our expertise and suggest new logo design solutions that can have a positive impact on your business.

Logo design

Subjective or objective?  After wrestling with this for many years, we conclude that it’s a little of both.  We will always guide and recommend the very best of logo design to achieve the objective, but we are experienced enough to know that it is frequently the heart which rules the head.  It’s no good us producing the best brand design in the world if a client can’t live with it.  So, we take a pragmatic view, and work hard to please all interested parties!

Brand identity development guidelines/user enforcement

It’s very wasteful to have a corporate identity if there are no guidelines in place to ensure that it is upheld.  Brand identity guidelines must be produced so that everyone involved in using it, understands its function, how it is to be used – to what size, what font, the correct colours and how it should appear in all media.  Whenever we design and produce a new identity, we always produce a brand book, so that over the years the values of the new identity are upheld and it mirrors the original design and intention.

Do you need a new brand identity or logo design?

If you think you are perceived as old fashioned or slow to react on your market then you may just need a logo refresh or a possibly full re-design.  Please call our Midlands brand identity team where we will be happy to offer some support, free advice and fresh ideas to take your brand to the next level. Call our Tamworth office on 01827 69772  today.



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