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Want more targeted website visitors and to convert more sales?

If you want more business from your website then you have come to the right place.  Stratique is a Midlands based SEO web design agency with offices based in Tamworth Staffordshire (about a 20-minute drive from Birmingham). We are not just expert web designers, we integrate the latest digital strategies including SEO, PPC, web forensics, website analytics, squeeze pages and a whole host of other web development services to make your website work for you.

For a website to succeed in today’s crowded and competitive marketplace, it has to be much more than a good looking shop window.  It has to be full of interesting, relevant content and include the things so loved by the leading search engines, such as video, fully optimised copy of the required length, tagged images and headlines, and all the legal stuff that is needed to keep a website on the up, rather than being penalised. 98% of visitors to any website will disappear without making contact.  This issue even applies to the world’s largest web-driven companies for instance, Amazon.  If this happens to them, think of the impact on your business!

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Midlands based Web designers

We know the strategies, tips and tricks to keep a website in favour with the search engines.  We know how to play the ‘Google game’ and ensure that a site is fully compliant, and thus rewarded with higher rankings.  We also know the strategies for driving higher traffic and being a local Tamworth based company really helps get the job done on time and on budget.

Web design and management Midlands

Once a website is up and running, that’s just the starting point.  To make a website work to maximum efficiency (and give you a return on investment) it needs to constantly evolve with new relevant content added at least every month.  It needs to answer the latest internet marketing strategies such as adding video, adding landing pages, ensuring that all pages are fully search engine optimised (without, search engines simply will not recognise), ensuring that all images and headlines have the correct meta-data added and that these links are fully functioning.  External activity should be encouraged to add back-links to your site, and news should be added frequently to portray a company where things happen. The whole purpose of effective web management is to show the search engines that you are a site of authority, relevance and activity.  Search engines – Google in particular – rewards the sites which have regular activity and answers its requirements as a site of authority.  Google also has the power to penalise those sites which don’t comply, or try to skirt round the rules.

Web design and hosting packages to suit you

We have hosting packages to suit all budgets including fully managed web hosting with automatic backups, content creation, news updates, geo redundant data centre hosting, encrypted data transmission, additional protection for your data via SSL encrypted data transfer and external firewall. Also available is a regular WordPress site management and update service, faster and more secure utilising CDN (Content Delivery Network) technology yielding up to 700% faster loading times. Platinum hosting provides regular updates in line with CMS updates, security patch releases, Google algorithm changes by our digital team. Our internet marketing team is fully conversant with all the digital techniques needed to keep websites performing well, and we invest heavily in external training for our people to ensure that we are ahead of the game to keep our clients at the forefront of web-based technologies.

Need more information on our web design in Midlands and our secure web hosting?

If you are unhappy with the performance of your existing web design company or just need more information regarding websites, design and hosting or an even fully managed website service, then please call our web design team in midlands on 01827 69772 today.

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