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Stratique: Reverse engineering sales leads for manufacturing companies

The problem most manufacturing companies face is how to engineer a consistent stream of quality sales enquiries whilst running a busy production facility. We are experts in marketing for manufacturing companies and the only agency with the Business Propeller TM system. We have reverse engineered the art and science of lead-generation processes to create interest in manufactured parts/products and engineering services.

Manufacturing and engineering companies present an interesting challenge when it comes to marketing the products they make and the services they provide.  Some of these manufactured products won’t always be visible in the finished item, some may not be aesthetically pleasing, and some services may be totally ‘behind the scenes’.

How then, do we make manufacturing and engineering marketing interesting, impactful and ultimately successful?

At Stratique we believe that it is our deep understanding and love of the sector that enables us to produce marketing communications that has impact and memorability, and sets one company ahead of its competitors.  We get to the root of the manufactured product or engineering service, we discover the unique proposition,and tell the story in a compelling way that elicits a response.  In short, we produce work that works!

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Where manufactured products or services are sold, there is often more than one purchasing or specifying influence ranging from operations personnel, purchasing officers, directors and production staff, so we have become adept at communicating effectively with all purchasing influencers.

Not only are we highly creative when it comes to creating marketing materials for manufacturing companies, but clients who use our unique and proven Business Propeller, discover that the results can be outstanding!  Business Propeller fully integrates all aspects of marketing communications to achieve greater results, and our knowledgeable, experienced team has dedicated expertise in the latest techniques and strategies designed to optimise marketing spend and maximise results.  It’s the equivalent of having 7 specialists working on your business each month, every month for less than the cost of employing a middleweight marketing executive – who most likely won’t have all of these skills.

Our experience has been gained through working with leading manufacturers in a broad cross-sector of industries, for example:

  • Materials handling – lift trucks, industrial manipulators, overhead cranes, and production line machinery.
  • Construction and building products – profiled aluminium, structural steelwork, security and interior doors, architectural ironmongery, contract flooring and walling, concrete and timber products, street furniture, heating products.
  • Engineering services – stainless steel fabrications, commercial vehicle steering systems, surface engineering.
  • Automotive, Aerospace, Defence and OEMs – many clients where products and services are sold into these key sectors.

If you would like to see examples of how we make manufacturing and engineering companies stand out from their competitors, then we will be pleased to show you our work, and discuss how we can make our unique marketing communications approach work for your company.



Need help with your marketing for your manufacturing company?

If you would like some advice or assistance in developing your company marketing plan or any one off projects, please call our Midlands based marketing team on: 01827 69772 today.

Outsourced marketingTelemarketing,  Digital marketing, Web design, Graphic design

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