marketing for SME

Marketing for SMEs

Most SMEs struggle to develop the skills and find the time to test and measure strategies to generate more sales. Business owners/MDs can be overloaded with marketing speak and heads of sales and marketing often have internal pressures and budgetary constraints to deal with whilst trying to prime the sales pipeline.

As an SME ourselves, we understand the pressures that small-medium sized businesses face day in, day out.  SMEs are frequently lean on staffing, so in-house resources are usually stretched to the limit.  By necessity, staff are required to take on additional tasks or jobs, for which they are not always competent or qualified to do.

Marketing and lead generation for Midlands SMEs.

Our experience shows that marketing and lead generation often are tasks which get allocated to either the sales manager (at best) or at worst, the person who has limited experience or spare capacity.  Neither is an effective or commercially viable solution.  If it sits with the sales team, their focus will rightly be on the customer and closing the sale.  If the marketing task is given to administrators or financial people – it simply won’t work.  Administrators will not have the skills or expertise to create and run a well conceived and professionally executed marketing campaign, and financial people mainly view marketing expenditure as a cost rather than an investment.

It is a fact that poor marketing is worse than no marketing.  If your reputation is being compromised by the poor quality of your marketing, then this could be doing untold damage to your reputation and ultimately your business.

Technically we are extremely competent and welcome clients which have highly technical products or services, as we have worked with many such clients over the years and there is yet a product that we don’t understand, or fail to market effectively.  Many marketing agencies shy away from technical accounts as they are more challenging to grasp and are not as sexy as a high profile retail or consumer account.  Bring us your technical account, and we’ll provide innovative impactful marketing that brings product and service alive.  To quote the VW Engineer who said “to us, a Macpherson strut is as alluring as a Monroe wiggle”.  We feel the same!

It makes total commercial sense to outsource marketing activity to a professional marketing company which has experience working with SMEs – particularly those in the manufacturing and engineering arena –  and the skills and expertise to create successful marketing and lead generation campaigns.  Creatively we are very strong and produce marketing campaigns that have impact and memorability – and importantly, produce results.  We call it work that works!

Outsourced marketingTelemarketing,  Digital marketing, Web design, Graphic design

If you would like to see the work we do for our clients, then we will be pleased to visit you, show you our work and discuss how we can help make a positive contribution to your marketing and business growth.


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Outsourced marketingTelemarketing,  Digital marketing, Web design, Graphic design

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