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The problem with outsourced B2B telemarketing companies is…

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Telemarketing is one of the most effective, not to mention, tried-and-tested strategies for growing a B2B business.

But when you’re busy delivering your day-to-day objectives, it can be difficult to put in the dedicated time and effort that’s required to achieve telemarketing success.

This means that it can often get pushed way down towards the bottom of the priority list, which is one of the main reasons why so many companies choose to go down the outsourcing route.

But the truth of the matter is, it’s not all plain sailing for outsourced B2B telemarketing companies either. You see, telemarketing may work, but it’s a) difficult and b) does take time to pay off.

Getting hold of the right people within an organisation at the right time is easier said than done, with many outsourced B2B telemarketing companies giving up after one or two attempts. In fact, according to HubSpot, 44% of salespeople give up after just one follow up call.

Proven business-to-business telemarketing

In our experience of delivering highly effective business-to-business telemarketingcampaigns for manufacturing companies for the last 15 years, it can take anything between five and 20 dials to get past the gatekeeper and identify the name of the key contact. But even once you have the name of the person you need to speak to, things don’t get any easier beyond that point. And even once you’ve spoken to them, they can easily forget about what’s been discussed the moment they’ve put the phone down.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. 90% of managers still view cold calling as a valuable and effective tool.  Plus, there’s the fact we’ve been successfully generating valuable sales opportunities for our manufacturing clients for almost two decades.

Outsourced B2B telemarketing companies

So, what’s our secret?

Well, without giving too much of our proven B2B telemarketing know-how away, we have the right strategy, processes, materials, people, as well as skills, in place. And we know how to use them all to cater for the fact people process information differently.

For instance, some prefer a call while others prefer an email, letter, or even, a video these days. We take all these factors into consideration when delivering our clients’ telemarketing campaigns which, when combined with our B2B nurturing capabilities, enables us to consistently achieve standout results and returns on investment for our clients better than any other marketing/lead generation offer out there that we know of.

But it really all comes down to the definition of a lead.  Most B2B telemarketing companies will find out a name and pass this on as a ‘lead’.  This is nonsense!  Our definition of a lead is someone who has been spoken with, educated and fully nurtured with our client’s value proposition and have then discussed their requirements, their timeframes and their budgets.  Typically, we wouldn’t hand over this opportunity until we have requested and received engineering drawings or specifications.  Now that’s what we call a properly qualified lead!

The proof is in the results

Example 1:  One of our long-standing structural steelwork clients has moved into larger premises since we started working with them in 2014.  They are now one of the largest structural steel fabricators in the Midlands and we regularly help to win them 6-figure projects, ranging from £100,000 to £500,000.  And don’t forget, once we help to win a new customer the lifetime value of these customers can run into the millions of pounds.

Example 2:  In 2014 we helped one of our European lifting and handling clients launch in the UK and have supported the establishment of a strong foothold into the UK market.  We have helped win contracts with Aston Martin, Rolls Royce, Bentley and Nissan, as well as hundreds of opportunities with non-automotive SMEs.  Their marketing and lead generation pays for itself ten times over.

Reaching those ‘magical’ touch points

Thanks to our leading B2B telemarketing company experience and insight, we know that less than 1% of sales are made on the first point of content so we aim to get past the 5th point of contact and on to the 7th and 14th, which is where the magic really does happen. It’s at this point, that 81% of sales transactions take place because by now, some degree of rapport and trust has been established, which is crucial, as most people are only comfortable to do business with people they know, like and trust.

We don’t just hide behind our phones like other outsourced B2B telemarketing companies either. Our team are always proactively striving to deliver results for our clients and can often be found visiting production sites and they speak with professional buyers day in, day out.

Revving things up with our Business PropellerTM

What’s more, thanks to our Business PropellerTM new business system, we’re constantly generating a steady stream of inbound enquiries for our clients each month, plus high-quality face-to-face appointments with some of the largest companies in the UK. (You can learn about it right here,

You can also find out more about it by getting in touch with us. For more details about Business PropellerTM or joining the growing number of manufacturers who are transforming their companies thanks to our B2B telemarketing services, contact us on 01827 69772 or fill in the form on this page and one of our friendly team will be happy to assist.

Modest Growth Forecast Predicted by KPMG

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The Birmingham Chamber of Commerce, have published KPMG’s ‘modest growth forecast’ in the event that a ‘friction-light’ Brexit deal is achieved, according to Karl Edge, Midlands regional chairman at KPMG.

KPMG’s quarterly Economic Outlook Report, reveals that the UK economy is set for modest growth if a positive Brexit deal can be reached with the EU. KPMG also predicts that UK GDP will grow by 1.3 per cent in 2018 and 1.4 per cent in 2019, the lowest growth rates since 2008 and 2009 and suggests that poor productivity is still a major factor for UK businesses.
Exports are disappointingly low in spite of the weakness of the pound and retail continues to struggle.

The full feature can be found here:

Spend less time searching for new customers

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How many hours over the past month have you spent researching potential new customers, contacting them to find out who the decision maker is and trying to speak with that person to introduce your company?

Did you spend long enough on prospecting this month? It takes a significant amount of time to lay this groundwork. Time that would be better spent talking face to face or preparing proposals.

What would you say if I told you that you could reduce this time to zero, and instead spend the time attending meetings with the decision makers of the companies you’d most like to work with? Allowing you extra time to do what you’re best at – converting well qualified prospects into customers.

Business Propeller is the answer. A proven lead generation system that generates a steady stream of inbound enquiries every month. This is the lead generation system that we developed and perfected to triple our business during the worst recession in history (2007), and is now generating millions of pounds’ worth of new business for our clients in the manufacturing sector.

The Business Propeller is a multi-touchpoint marketing system, run by our marketing experts that will get to know your business inside-out. We can work in tandem with an existing sales and marketing team, or if you don’t have one, we can arrange face-to-face appointments for your company’s sales team.

B-A-N-T – this stands for budget, authority, need and timeline. These are the 4 qualifying elements of our lead generation services. Our expert and experienced team is able to find the decision makers within the companies you’d most like to do business with, and nurture them until they know, like and trust your company. We’ll then book you an appointment, with a specific date and time, for you to do what you do best.

If you’d like to discuss this in greater detail, we’d be delighted to meet – your place or ours! We can discuss your key business growth objectives which will allow us to reverse engineer a tailored lead generation and marketing strategy to deliver your growth objectives.

Simply use the contact form below to say hello, and we’ll be in touch!

How to build the perfect marketing team

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Would you like to know how to build the perfect marketing and lead generation team? A team that could generate a continuous flow of qualified, face-to-face meetings with your dream customers?

Sounds good doesn’t it.

Well this is what you’ll need:

  • A marketing director to develop and refine an online and offline strategy that guarantees results.
  • A marketing manager to deliver the campaigns and to manage digital and creative agencies/campaigns.
  • A marketing budget to deliver a steady stream of leads and conversions.
  • A smart CRM system to mage data, contacts, follow ups, work flow and direct communications.
  • At least two professional telemarketers to cleanse data, find decision makers and start conversations.
  • A telemarketing/CRM manager to manage the telemarketing team and to ensure
  • A web developer to ensure your website is optimised to attract the prospects searching for your products/services.
  • An experienced sales copywriter to write engaging, relevant and persuasive copy that elicits a response.
  • A pay-per-click guru to ensure you are in the top three positions on Google at the lowest possible cost.
  • A graphic designer to ensure your communications are eye catching on brand and attracts attention, interest and desire.

And that all comes at an annual salary cost upwards of £200,000.

And then you’ll need an office to house them, computers, a phone system, pension schemes, holiday pay, NI, HR management, training plans/budgets, coaching mentoring and of course maternity/paternity pay.

It all adds up.

In reality, the majority of SME’s will never have the resource to fund such a professional and experienced marketing team and therefore find it impossible to compete with the larger companies with larger budgets. The alternative is to find an outsourced partner but according to our long-standing clients, finding one that actually delivers is nigh on impossible. That is, until now.

Here at Stratique we provide a specialist lead generation and marketing service for companies operating in the manufacturing sector, for one monthly fee; you’ll have 7 marketing experts working on your business every month generating 50 plus, highly qualified leads per annum for the same cost of hiring one employee on the average UK salary.

And the best part? Our service will pay for itself, thanks to our proven Business Propeller system.

Our carefully planned campaigns are reversed engineered from your desired end-outcomes. So we know precisely the right steps to take, in the right order, to achieve results.

You are probably wondering how I can make such bold claims.

With over 14 years’ experience in lead generation within the manufacturing sector, we have tested and measured what works and what doesn’t. Henry Ford once famously said; ‘50% of my marketing works, if only I knew which 50%.’ Well we know exactly what works, and what doesn’t.

At Stratique, we apply the principles of LEAN and continuous improvement to all of our lead-generation campaigns, so whatever you need to achieve, we can play a key role.

Does the prospect of a steady stream of inbound leads every week sound like something worth discussing in greater detail? We’d love to. Use the contact form below to say hello and we will be in touch.

Do you want a higher position in Google for your website?

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Follow our advice to implement strategies to improve your website’s rankings with Google and other search engines.

Although having a website which looks great is important, having a beautifully designed website that no-one can find is a little pointless to say the least, that’s where search engine optimisation comes in.

Although having a website which looks great is important, having a beautifully designed website that no-one can find is a little pointless to say the least, that’s where search engine optimisation comes in.

At Stratique we manage the whole process; we have professionals to design your website, passionate copywriters to develop the content and then our digital team market it to the online world so you have a beautifully designed website easily found by your prospects.

SEO is an online marketing process which aims to increase a websites visibility on search engines, for example Google, via unpaid for search results from keywords you wish to target.

How we do it?

  • Keyword Research: Firstly we will analyse the most searched and targeted keyword phrases which relate to your business.
  • Competitor Analysis: Next we look at the SEO techniques of your competitors for the keyword phrases we have chosen and see what we need to do to rank above them.
  • On Page Optimisation and Content Development: Once keyword research and competitor analysis are complete and with your website designed to your personal specifications, we then apply on page optimisation to your website and develop the content. On page optimisation is ensuring the right keyword placement on the most important areas of the page. This includes your HTML code, content, internal linking and navigation of the website. The aim of on page optimisation is to ensure the search engine spiders can crawl each page effectively, which means your website can be found on search engines.
  • Inbound Links: Links are votes of confidence for websites. The more links your website has the more votes it’s receiving. Inbound links are the most effective way of reaching and staying at number one in search engines. However, these links need to be from high quality and relevant websites. We build up backlinks back to your website through social media, article marketing, trade directory submission, professional newsletters with PR and Press Releases. We will also build up backlinks from high page ranked, relevant websites.
  • Tracking and Progress Reports- The important thing about SEO is to track the progress and measure the results. We always keep our clients up to date with monthly detailed reports; this includes monthly rankings and analytics.

A high search engine ranking will increase traffic to your website; a higher amount of visitors coming to your website means an increased chance of someone contacting you for your services. This will ultimately increase the number of clients you have and generate more money for your business.

Google’s changes to paid search traffic

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Google’s dropped a bomb! How to stop the SERP shockwaves from wiping out your paid search traffic.

This month has seen one of the biggest changes to Google Pay-Per-Click advertising since it was first launched in 2000, sending shock waves right through the global marketing industry, and what’s more, it was completely unannounced.

Whether you’re a business owner or a marketer, the alterations to the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) could have a significant impact on your online presence and even have the potential to wipe you off the face of the earth – well at least online anyway.

Don’t Panic!

With the right knowledge and the right skills this major change could work in your favour, giving you the chance to rank higher than your competitors, who may be scared off by the uncertainty of what lies ahead.

So what are the changes?

If you type any search term into Google you will clearly see that there is no longer a column on the right of the page, where paid search ads once live. Instead the experts at Google have added an additional ad to the top of the page, increasing the number of ads above organic search results to 4 ads. But this is not all as some of the ads which previously resided on the right hand side, have now been placed at the bottom of the page. The ads at the top have also been growing in size over the months, effectively pushing the organic listings down “below the fold”


Google and the Google logo are registered trademarks of Google Inc., used with permission.

So what does that mean to me?

First of all, the changes have meant that the remaining ads, which were at the bottom of the right hand column, have been eliminated, and businesses which previously showed in these positions will no longer appear in a Google search. For these businesses the change will have a significant effect and it is assumed that many who have poor performing ads will seek other marketing opportunities, as they will no longer be appearing.

For the remaining advertisers it means that, if they are appearing in positions 1 to 4, they will get more traffic and therefore their ads will become more profitable. Some advertisers are worried that the increase in competition for the top positions will spark an increase in Cost Per Click (CPC) but so far research has detected hardly any change. So for businesses with good performing ads the change is good.

But what about organic searches?

Once again the recent change to PPC advertising on Google has hammered another nail in the coffin for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), however all is not lost!

The layout of the new SERP page has meant that organic searches results now appear below the fold, meaning that less people are likely to click on them. But it’s not to say they are completely redundant. Google still likes up-to-date content on your website and SEO still has a place in the digital marketing mix, but these changes mean that SEO is becoming less effective as a solitary tactic and is not a scalable solution. This is where PPC advertising comes into its own.

What we are doing?

At Stratique we stay up-to-date with all major changes to core tools such as Google Adwords and Google Analytics to make sure that our client’s digital marketing is adaptable and optimised. We always endeavour to get our clients’ PPC advertising in the top positions to ensure that impressions and clicks remain high.

For more information on our services get in touch at 01827 69772