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Google AdWords Agency

If you want to get your website to the top of Google nationally for a keyword phrase that your competitors are dominating, then you should consider creating an optimised Google AdWords campaign.  Google has pushed the organic (free SEO listings) down the page, below the top ‘sponsored listings’ – paid advertisements.

There are many terms used in this sphere of digital marketing: Pay per click (PPC), paid search, Google AdWords, Google Ads, sponsored listings… but they all mean the same. Paying Google to get to the top of its directory.  Just like the Yellow Pages did with its premium listing offer but with one huge difference. You don’t pay a penny until they click on your advertisement, AND it’s about more than the company with the deepest pockets. Gone are the days where you only had to hand over cash to be at the top.

Google has made it easy to lose money on Pay per Click

Pay per click or sponsored listings have changed the landscape of digital marketing, and if done correctly can bring highly targeted and repeatable visitors to your website, all of whom are searching for what you can offer.

Let’s just step back and think about this…

Someone has a problem. They stop what they are doing and use Google to search for a solution. They then click one of the first results in the hope they’ll find the answer they’re looking for – if your website appears in the top three positions and displays all the relevant and correct information a prospect could be searching for, they’re likely to make contact and give you the opportunity to close a sale. This is pay per click advertising; it costs nothing until someone clicks your ad.

But, there’s a WARNING!  It’s easy to get lost in the pit falls of paid advertising, and unless you’re ensuring that you’re compliant with all of Google’s best practices, you’ll be seen poorly and will be unlikely to reach the coveted top search engine spots.

You and your company can dominate the top position on Google if you play by Google’s rules and adhere to best practices.

We know that the top 3 positions on Google generate 10-20 times the traffic than the results in position 4 and below!

If you learn and follow the rules or use a Google AdWords agency then you can dominate the top positions, and if done correctly, with the right follow up processes, you could pay less per click than your competitors and acquire more new customers.

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