Website Design and Management

Website Design and Management

You can have the best-looking website in the world but if people aren’t finding or responding to it, it’s not doing its job.  The best of both worlds can be found right here.  We design, develop and build fully responsive, high performing websites that also look beautiful.  It’s the very least you should expect from a web design agency.

Responsive Web Design

If your website isn’t responsive you could be missing potential customers.  It’s a fact!  At the time of writing this, according to communications regulator Ofcom, 33% of internet usage is on asmartphone, 30% on a laptop, 19% on a tablet and just 14% on a desktop.  Today’s websites need to be built to capture all traffic from every source and provide the best user experience.

Mobile Friendly Web Design

A mobile device is now the most popular platform used for searching the internet.  With 33% of internet searches being carried out on a smartphone and 19% on a tablet, you have a total of over 50% of all internet searches.  Our systems tell us it is lower for B2B marketing but if your website is not mobile responsive and mobile user-friendly you could be missing valuable traffic.

Web Management

So many companies are guilty of ignoring a website once it’s up and running, and then wondering why it doesn’t generate traffic, interest or sales leads.  It’s not having the attention it needs, that’s why.  Websites need on-going attention, with software updates, security patches, plugin upgrades and new, interesting and relevant content that includes relevant keywords and videos to improve search engine optimisation. When this basic attention is carried out on a regular basis, then Google and other search engines will start to take notice and reward this attention with higher rankings, better visitors and a steady stream of inbound enquiries.

Website Visitor Tracking

99% of website visitors will leave a site without making contact – FACT.  Wouldn’t you like to know who is visiting your website?   And, more importantly, would you like them to be reminded of your company, products or services in a controlled, creative way.  Well you can.  We use visitor tracking and re-marketing to make sure we capture those potential customers who are in the market to buy, by serving them with online advertising campaigns.


Website Hosting

Website hosting is becoming an increasingly important factor to ensure your correct message is delivered to the right people.  Business website cyber security is a big problem that is only going to get worse.  Nonetheless you do have a choice.  You can choose a partner who will not only host, but will ensure that the required level of security is installed, and robust back-up procedures are in place.  Our hosting package is one of the most robust and secure to thwart cyber-attacks, and ensure there is a robust back up process in place should the unthinkable happen.

Do you know where your website visitors are coming from?  And equally importantly, do you know where they are going to?  We do!  This is of great importance, as it enables precise focus of marketing strategy and messaging to enhance the campaigns where there is high traffic.  It also enables us to address any visitor behaviour issues to keep them more engaged, and on your website longer.