Business Propeller

Stratique is the only B2B marketing and lead generation company with a money-back guarantee. We can only offer this if we have a repeatable system that consistently works to deliver a steady stream of new customers to our clients. A system that has proven itself time again to generate millions of pounds worth of orders for our clients. It’s not a get rich quick scheme. It’s an integrated direct marketing methodology that embraces salesmanship, technology and workflow to deliver the right message to the right prospect at the right time and frequency.
We call it The Business Propeller ™

The Business Propeller explained

Solving two of the biggest Sales and Marketing Problems Manufacturers Face:

With over 20 years experience and a passion for UK manufacturing, Stratique was formed in 2003 to work with likeminded MDs and
Sales Directors face in the UK manufacturing sector who are finding it increasingly difficult to do the right kind of marketing to deliver maximum ROI.

Stratique has prospered by helping manufacturers and engineers solve two of
their biggest problems

1) How to promote their company effectively so they meet and convert a steady stream of new and profitable
2) And how to keep them loyal.

From this challenge The Business Propeller TM was conceived.

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Stratique: the Missing Link in Business Development

Why nurturing?


Only 1% of manufacturing sales occur on the first point of contact


82% of manufacturing sales occur after the 7th point of contact.


People only buy from people they know and trust


82% of manufacturing sales occur after the 7th point of contact.

People purchase when they are ready to
buy, not when you are ready to sell.

What is the lifetime value of your top customers?

Should you hire a team in-house, or should you outsource to specialists?

The perfect customer journey

Our results speak for themselves:

A small selection face to face appointments booked for our clients:


New business specialists with unparalleled experience in marketing for manufacturing and engineering.
Incorporated in 2003 with a unique blend of sales copywriting, telemarketing, email marketing and CRM-driven direct mail experience.

Our unique Business Propeller TM system is proven, and our team have visited more production facilities than any other new business agency we
know of. We find the right decision makers and nurture them on your behalf, as an extension of your internal team.

Stratique is an ethical small business with a strong sense of doing the right thing and with a team committed to client growth and is the only B2B
marketing and lead generation company with a money-back guarantee

Stratique’s Mission

To become known – UK-wide as THE ‘best in class’
Marketing, Lead Generation and Business Development Agency
for Manufacturing companies operating in the UK. 

Adding more value

Imagine never having to worry about how you generate new business again.
That’s what Stratique’s Business PropellerTM team could do for you.

What you will get if you join us

You will get the best marketing for manufacturing team working on your marketing and lead generation every month delivering a
steady and manageable flow of leads for you, for an investment far less than the cost of hiring a proven sales representative.

Return on investment

Return on investment is typically 500% to 2000% based on the lifetime value of a new customer.
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