Direct Marketing for Manufacturing Companies

Midlands based B2B direct marketing for manufacturing companies

Integrated direct marketing – the smart way to win more new business

It all starts with “hello”

Driving sales and business growth for manufacturing companies

Direct Marketing for manufacturing companies.

If you want a steady stream of qualified sales leads or face to face appointments with the decision makers within the companies you want to do business with, then direct marketing could be for you. Direct marketing is at the heart of all our most successful lead generation campaigns. Many manufacturing companies will spend little on their marketing or will waste it on exhibitions (without a system for follow-up), or on trade advertising in the hope that someone out there might have the time to read it. This is not the Stratique way.

The best marketing approach for manufacturing companies is undoubtedly direct marketing.

Direct marketing is without doubt the best approach for manufacturing companies wishing to find and convert buyers into paying customers. At Stratique, our campaigns usually start with a friendly “hello”. To do this for your business, in-house, you will need an outbound telemarketing team with the skill, patience and resolve to get past the gatekeeper, to locate the decision maker with budgetary authority and to then make them take notice whilst positioning your company in a category of one. Positioning is extremely important and a much-overlooked success factor of a direct marketing strategy and having a plan to deliver a multi-touchpoint lead generation campaign is a must before telesales, email marketing and direct mail activities commence.

Direct marketing workflow and CRM driven contact management.

To deliver an effective campaign, you must have a robust workflow that delivers the right content to the right job function within the target organisation. Marketing content delivered to an MD is going to be completely different to a buyer in purchasing or a production engineer in operations and an adaptable CRM system is a requirement to deliver this. Luckily for our clients we manage this using internal systems without the need for client CRM investment.

Direct marketing: It’s all about relationships and communication style.

The use of the right language and terminology is of key importance, and because Stratique has a team with many years’ experience in manufacturing and marketing for manufacturing, we speak your language. We regularly have discussions about tooling requirements, materials, logistics, throughput, LEAN manufacturing, the list goes on. Our team has visited more manufacturing facilities than any other direct marketing company / sales lead generation agency we know. We know our LEAN from our Kaizen to our POKE YOKE, and apply these principles to our clients’ direct marketing campaigns. We will test, measure and continually improve to maximise your return on investment.

If you would like a steady stream of highly qualified new sales leads or face to face appointments, or would like to find out more about direct marketing for manufacturing, please call 01827 69772 today. Alternatively, please send us your enquiry through our website, or by email.