PR for Manufacturing

PR for Manufacturing

If you need B2B PR, then choose a specialist B2B PR agency.  An agency that knows its way around a manufacturing plant and understands production processes, has good editorial and journalist contacts, and importantly knows how to write PR material for a business audience that consumes its information online and in print.

PR can be a hugely powerful tool in the marketing armoury.  It is also extremely cost effective in its ability to get key messages out to a wide audience.  Its effectiveness can be directly related to whether a ‘grapeshot’ approach or a ‘sniper’ approach is used.  In a B2B environment, we always recommend the precisely targeted sniper method to achieve the required results.  Grapeshot PR can work well in a consumer environment, but in the business to business space this rarely hits the mark.

B2B PR, social media and content marketing can be utilised effectively to hit targets with great accuracy and effect, through strategic campaign planning, strong editorial contacts and liaison and appropriate copywriting.  Make sure that your B2B PR is directed, written and managed by a specialist B2B PR agency that knows the difference between trade press editorial audience and those on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Stratique is an experienced Midlands B2B PR agency providing clients with a practical cost effective service.  We use the word ‘practical’ intentionally.  PR is often considered ‘fluff’ or ‘puffery’.  We do neither.  Instead, we identify the key trade titles that are pertinent to a given product or application, then we research relevant forward editorial features where we could gain exposure.  We liaise with editors and journalists to gain inclusion in these relevant features – perhaps writing the lead article or an opinion piece or case study.

Our B2B PR service can be tailored to suit budget and needs, but generally we find that our B2B clients benefit from a monthly article written for a specific journal and feature, and although we can never guarantee that a journal will publish our submission, we have high levels of success through the quality of our writing, research and relevance to the subject and audience.