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Graphic design for manufacturing companies

If you have a marketing project that requires professional graphic design for a manufacturing audience, we should probably talk.  Graphic design is an important tool to convey your message and alongside professional copywriting, will help to convey your brand values and your proposition to your B2B audience. BUT do not mistake attractive graphic design (or web design for that matter) with marketing strategy.  Marketing should always lead with a strong proposition; not as we see frequently – the tail wagging the dog.

 The best graphic design agency for manufacturing companies

There are many freelance graphic designers and graphic design agencies out there to choose from, so how do you select the right one for your manufacturing business?  Should you choose a generalist or a specialist?  In-house visual style and design portfolio are important factors, but it is very important to choose a B2B design agency with an approach that will be appropriate for a B2B market and delivers the proposition and builds on your brand values.

Quirky design over substance will not deliver a positive return on investment and if the designer has a poor grasp of the technical nature of a manufacturing business, they will not produce work that resonates as much as one that does. At Stratique, our approach is different. We ensure that an experienced Creative Director oversees all major creative work. The role of the Creative Director is to ensure that proposition AND design work in balance and harmony with perfect sales copy.

Graphic design: Just one tool to help deliver your marketing mix

Here’s the contentious part: good design alone, will likely deliver a poor return on investment. Great design for print or web that follows a strategic plan with creative direction, that considers the target audience fully, will win every day. It’s even worse for digital design.  Your web designer will have their own views on what you should do online based on their own technical capabilities and because web design is highly technical, most businesses will trust their web designer to deliver a design, but this is not a strategy. The result is a poor performing website layered with frustration.  If in doubt, ask your web designer what are the 3 ways to grow a business, and then wait for the reply.

The team at Stratique attends hundreds of hours of seminars on traditional and online marketing both in the UK and in the US, to ensure we are at the forefront of thinking and strategy.  There are very few graphic designers out there that fully understand the sales/buying cycle and will therefore produce attractive work that unfortunately misses the mark when it comes to the strategic acquisition of new customers. Stratique designs beautiful marketing collateral for print, (and websites) but our starting point is always proposition first, and anyone that tells you otherwise is likely to be leading you in the wrong direction.

If you subscribe to the doctrine of strategy and proposition first, then you may want to consider Stratique’s strategic approach to graphic design and marketing.
We guarantee a higher return on investment. If you have a graphic design or exhibition design project coming up, please call 01827 69772 today. Alternatively, please send us your enquiry through our live chat, web form or by email.