Marketing for manufacturing blog

A Marketing blog to help manufacturing companies find new customers and keep them. By Andrew Wilson MBA.

Much has been written about B2C marketing but little is available to business owners and sales directors in manufacturing companies. This blog is a culmination of 30 years of work and study in and around the world of B2B marketing and sales lead generation, in relation to the manufacturing sector.

Manufacturing is a sector where Stratique has produced extraordinary results for its clients, and this blog aims to cover the basics as well as advanced marketing and lead generation tips including the latest lessons learned when marketing B2B. These best practices have secured our clients orders with some of the largest global names in the UK market including JCB, Rolls Royce, Coca Cola, Caterpillar, Komatsu, Toyota, Honda, Boots, Bentley… the list goes on.

Andrew Wilson is an Aston University MBA, founder and Managing Director of Stratique, the Midlands based marketing and lead generation agency for manufacturing companies.

Spend less time searching for new customers

How many hours over the past month have you spent researching potential new customers, contacting them to find out who the decision maker is and trying to speak with that person to introduce your company? Did you spend long enough on prospecting this month? It takes a...

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How to build the perfect marketing team

Would you like to know how to build the perfect marketing and lead generation team? A team that could generate a continuous flow of qualified, face-to-face meetings with your dream customers? Sounds good doesn’t it. Well this is what you’ll need: A marketing director...

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Do you want a higher position in Google for your website?

Follow our advice to implement strategies to improve your website’s rankings with Google and other search engines. Although having a website which looks great is important, having a beautifully designed website that no-one can find is a little pointless to say...

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Google’s changes to paid search traffic

Google’s dropped a bomb! How to stop the SERP shockwaves from wiping out your paid search traffic. This month has seen one of the biggest changes to Google Pay-Per-Click advertising since it was first launched in 2000, sending shock waves right through the global...

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