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The Business PropellerTM a proven, business development system for generating new customers
for the manufacturing and engineering sectors.

If you would like the best team to sort out your sales pipeline development, your customer acquisition processes, your online and offline marketing and your business development strategy once and for all, please read on. You’ve got your production equipment working at their optimum. Your Kanban and LEAN manufacturing cells up and running and ‘Just in time’ is there or thereabouts, but what about your sales pipeline of new, high-quality customers?  Is that process performing to your satisfaction? Could it be improved? Most manufacturing and engineering companies are excellent at optimising operational efficiencies but tend to leave sales and marketing to chance or on the shoulders of one or two key people who don’t have the time, capacity or marketing budget to build sector-focused,  high-quality sales pipelines.

In our experience, what usually happens is a manufacturing or engineering sector company will land an order buy a new piece of equipment and prospecting trails off or stops, resulting in a repeating pattern of feast, then famine, when the order is fulfilled and the new equipment is underutilised.

Wouldn’t it be life-changing if the problem of generating new business went away and you could focus instead on signing up high-quality new customers and keeping your existing customers happy?

That was the main reason why Stratique was founded in 2003 and our team has been helping manufacturing companies to find, convert and keep their dream customers ever since. The trademarked this unique system – The Business PropellerTM ..

Stratique can help you to grow a sales pipeline of new customers with this highly targeted new business development service.

We Come From a Background in Manufacturing and We Speak Your Language

We create personal connections with buyers in manufacturing and engineering companies who need specific products and services, and we nurture them until they are ready to talk business now.  It’s a proven system that has delivered thousands of high-quality, perfectly aligned customers for our clients in multiple sectors including:

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Oil and gas
  • Rail
  • Food and drink
  • Industrial equipment
  • Building products
  • Materials handling
  • Structural steelwork, metals and fabrications
  • Plastics and moulding
  • Consumer goods
  • Chemical
  • Energy
  • Logistics
  • Engineering support services and consumables


And when Stratique speaks of genuine leads, we don’t mean just creating a generic list of buyers names. We mean a qualified sales enquiry from a budget holder who we’ve spoken to on the telephone and then nurtured via targeted email and direct mail campaigns multiple times until they know you, like you and trust you enough to discuss their issues and to send in engineering drawing packs, to start having a professional business conversation with you.

We mean manufacturing buyers who we’ve spoken to repeatedly to check their suitability.  We mean decision-makers who’ve given us details of live projects, annual volumes, batch quantities, material and finish specifications and engineering drawings.

We mean purchasing professionals who need what you’re offering and fit within your definition of an ideal customer.

We’ll get past the gatekeepers for you and we’ll build up a profile of spend, to obtain requests for quotation, face to face meetings with your sales team and site visits between you and the buyer, so you can focus on conversions.


How do we achieve this?

By utilising our unique manufacturing sector knowledge and expertise with a dedicated team who not only know sales and marketing inside out but come from marketing for manufacturing backgrounds. This ensures you will receive the highest quality enquiries every time.

By implementing our proven, multiple touchpoint, sales and marketing nurturing system, that delivers returns on investment in the thousands of percent.

By taking take care of your website, your digital marketing, your offline marketing, and your telemarketing, to deliver more inbound sales enquiries.

By following up on quotations to give you valuable market insight and to find your next best steps to the sale.

By reviewing engineering drawings and manufacturing capabilities day in, day out and this is one of many reasons why Stratique’s The Business PropellerTM service is unique in the marketplace.

By providing all the additional support you need to maintain your online presence with web development, secure hosting, search engine optimisation, content creation and inbound sales enquiry generation.

By becoming your long-term partner providing you with a dedicated Marketing Account Manager, a strategy and a multi-disciplinary team to implement.  We will eliminate the doubts about what’s working and what’s not, and we will take the hassle away from promoting your manufacturing or engineering business.

By supporting you on the ground with marketing collateral development, graphics and print.  At exhibitions and trade shows — by following up with the prospects you meet there so your message reaches the right people, after every promising discussion.  To ensure there are no more missed opportunities due to busy schedules and poor follow-up processes, our team will take care of things.  We do the right things at the right times, every time. 

Because we come from a background in engineering and manufacturing, we know the subtleties of production processes better than any.  Which means we will get to know your sweet spots and the optimal business opportunities quickly and better than any other partner.

If you would like to develop your sales pipeline and business development once and for all, drop us a line on the contact form on this page or call us on 01827 69772 today.


What’s more, we’re so confident in the capabilities of our world-class team of multi-functional specialists and in Business Propeller System, we offer a money-back guarantee for your peace of mind.

 If you would like to sort out your sales pipeline, marketing and business development once and for all, drop us a line on the contact form or call us on 01827 69772 today.