Marketing Consultancy for Manufacturing Companies

Midlands based marketing consultants specialised in marketing for manufacturing.

Welcome to Stratique: the Marketing Consultancy created specifically for manufacturing companies

If you are looking for a marketing consultant, then logic would say you have decided that your marketing strategy and execution is not as effective as you would like.  You may wish to improve your market exposure, customer retention or, more likely, to find more new customers and to keep them longer. Stratique was formed in 2003 and has one goal: To help owners and directors of manufacturing companies find (and keep) new customers.

We can advise on your marketing activities (as if we were a member of your board).  We can implement in-house sales and marketing strategies and systems for your team to run, or we can manage and deliver an entire outsourced marketing and sales lead generation programme for you.  The choice is yours.

Marketing consultants with a difference

We are straight talking, no-nonsense marketing experts who consistently deliver new opportunities for our manufacturing clients.  We are the best at what we do, and we say it as it is.  Our clients find this a refreshing change to the ‘bull’ that most marketing consultants will spout and without ever having worked in or experience of a manufacturing environment.  With over 30 years’ experience working in and with manufacturing companies we know what works and what to avoid wasting your precious budget on.

The best marketing consultancy option for manufacturing companies in the Midlands

We consult to develop the best strategy for your business; one that that will set your business firmly on track to service the most profitable markets, smooth demand and keep the shop-floor busy. We will explore the best strategic options to take, develop your positioning in a crowded marketplace, and ensure that your collateral not only works, and rather than sit in a cupboard, gathering dust, lands on the desks of the right decision makers.  Stratique can also assist with your internal team development, assess and advise on performance, sales copy, digital / web strategies and direct marketing strategies.  We can help your team with events management, exhibitions and follow-up best practices and can challenge your team if required. If you have a telemarketing function we can implement best practices to manage CRM, dial rates and decision maker conversations and can help to challenge your web designer to improve your online results.

Sales and marketing consultants with a proven track record

If you need more than just marketing consultancy advice, or you do not have a large enough internal team, we also offer a fully outsourced sales lead generation service called The Business PropellerTM where our team will deliver your marketing and sales lead generation activities every month which we will completely manage for you.

If you are looking for the best marketing consultant and you are a manufacturer or support this sector then we should talk. To act now, call 01827 69772 today.