Marketing for Trade Associations

Marketing for Trade Federations and Associations / Trade Bodies.

Stratique provides bespoke marketing services for Trade Federations and Associations.

Understanding the 3 challenges most trade federations face is a pre-requisite for a successful trade association marketing campaign. Trade federations and associations have uniquely different needs from the general commercial sectors, and it is our deep understanding of how they function and the objectives they need to achieve that sets us apart from other marketing agencies.

Marketing for Trade Federations and Associations requires an understanding that trade bodies serve more than one master and thus marketing activity for Trade Federations and Associations and spend needs to achieve a multitude of objectives, most commonly:

  • The need to attract new, and retain existing members.
  • The need to communicate and sell the federation services to members, this could be for instance: training courses, events, exhibitions and discounted services.
  • The need to communicate and encourage external audiences to buy services from a federation member.

Understanding the three pillars of Trade Association marketing.

At Stratique, we understand these ‘pillars’ of federation marketing and the need to communicate effectively with these different audiences.  We have many years’ experience creating innovative marketing collateral and utilising digital technologies to increase and retain membership, sell events and publications, and make a wider audience aware of the benefits of buying from a federation member.

Marketing for Trade Associations

Not only are we highly creative when it comes to creating marketing materials for federations, but clients which use our unique and proven Business Propeller, discover that the results can be outstanding!  Business Propeller fully integrates all aspects of marketing communications to achieve greater results, and our knowledgeable, experienced team has dedicated expertise in the latest techniques and strategies designed to optimise marketing spend and maximise results.  It’s the equivalent of having 7 specialists working on your business each month, every month for less than the cost of employing a middleweight marketing executive – who most likely won’t have all of these skills. Our experience has been gained through working with leading federations and associations in the construction and building products sector, wood and wood products, fire protection, oil firing appliances and surface engineering.

If your federation needs an experienced but fresh approach to its marketing, then talk to us today, ask to see our work, and find out how we can make your marketing more effective.