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Want more new B2B customers and key accounts?

The Midlands-based B2B marketing and lead generation agency for manufacturing, engineering, and industrial companies

An Award Winning B2B Marketing Agency

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The leading B2B marketing agency for companies

wanting more customers, more sales and more key accounts!

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A B2B Advertising Agency established to Solve the Biggest Problems All Businesses Face:

How to find, nurture and convert more B2B customers and key accounts.

At Stratique, we are a B2B marketing company that believes every business will win more customers,

if they have the right team delivering the right messages to the right prospects at the right frequency. 

  • qualified leadsMore qualified leads
  • 5-star customersMore 5-star customers
  • Rhythmic Follow-upMore repeat orders

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Stratique: The Midlands based B2B Marketing Agency,

with a proven lead generation system: The Business Propeller TM

Let our award-winning marketing agency team, become your outsourced marketing Services team:


Working on your B2B digital marketing, prospecting, nurturing and follow-up activities.

We will generate more customers, more enquiries and more sales, and it is all backed by our






stratique team

Finally, a B2B Marketing Agency That Deliver Results:

  • We quoted £1.9 Million worth of value for one client in 11 months.
  • We helped one client grow from £0.75m to £6m in 5 years.
  • We generated £1.5m in new business quotation value for just one client, and during a pandemic!
  • Another client has quoted over £1m in just over 6 months of starting with Stratique.

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Just a few of the thousands of companies we have helped our SME clients to start working with:


How Does Our B2B Marketing Agency Work?

Stratique’s digital marketing and outbound teams become your outsourced team and we take care of everything to market and promote your business:

  • Your B2B marketing strategy and campaign development
  • Your website content and positioning
  • Your B2B social media
  • Your inbound lead generation on Google and on LinkedIn
  • Your B2B outbound lead generation, including on LinkedIn
  • Rhythmic follow-up by our award winning telemarketing team
  • No leads, no-fee money-back guarantee on The Business Propeller package
  • SEO, Google Ads, Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Email marketing
  • LinkedIn management
  • Content marketing, including blogs
B2B Marketing Agency

How to get more 5-star enquiries. The data-driven numbers behind our proven B2B marketing system:

98% of visitors

Did you know that 98% of website visitors NEVER make contact with the company, which is why direct outreach and online re-marketing is so important after they visit you?

1% of sales 

Only 1% of sales are made on the first few points of contact, which is why nurturing and timing are so important to the success of a campaign. 

81% of sales

Did you know that 81% of sales are made between the 7th and 14th points of contact because purchasing professionals buy from companies that they know, like and trust, and this takes a systemised approach plus getting the timing right? 

2 follow-ups!

Did you also know that most BDMs give up after 2 follow-up calls? The secret to lead conversion is to build trust and rapport and to schedule in the follow-ups rhythmically. 

Rhythmic Follow-up
Rhythmic Follow-up

Would you like our B2B Marketing Agency professionals to take care of every aspect of your B2B marketing, social media and lead generation every month? And with a money-back guarantee?

Your Strategic Planning Team:

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Campaign Strategy
  • Direct Response Copywriting
  • Account Direction
  • Business Growth Coaching

Your Creative Team:

  • B2B Campaign Development
  • B2B Collateral Design
  • B2B Positioning Strategy
  • Sales Copywriting
  • Graphics/Print/Exhibitions

Your Outbound Team:

  • Outbound Lead Generation
  • LinkedIn Marketing
  • B2B Telemarketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Direct Mail

Your B2B Digital Marketing and Social Media Team:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Proper SEO
  • Google Ads Management
  • Remarketing
  • Inbound Lead Generation
  • B2B Social Media Marketing
  • Email Campaigns
  • Website Design/Website Management
  • Web Hosting/Security
  • Content Marketing/Blog Creation
  • B2B Social mediaB2B Social media
  • LinkedIn marketingLinkedIn marketing
  • B2B telemarketingB2B telemarketing
  • Email nurturingEmail nurturing

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B2B Marketing Agency Packages to Suit All Budgets

B2B Marketing Projects:

  • Website design, development/mgt.
  • B2B marketing collateral creation
  • Social media | LinkedIn optimisation
  • Outbound/telemarketing campaigns
  • Low-cost options available
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B2B Digital Marketing:

  • Proper B2B Search Engine Optimisation
  • Funnel building and paid social
  • Google and LinkedIn Ads campaigns
  • Social Media/LinkedIn outreach
  • Plans from as low as £599/month
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The Business Propeller

  • Two teams working on your B2B marketing
  • Digital | SEO | Social | LinkedIn | Blogs
  • B2B lead gen | Telemarketing | Emails
  • Fixed monthly fee
  • Plans between £1999 and £2999/month
  • Money Back Guarantee: No enquiries, no-fee!


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