B2B Digital Marketing

B2B Digital Marketing Agency

Digital marketing has revolutionised the marketing agency landscape and can be a very effective addition to the B2B marketing mix, if executed correctly.  Almost every web designer, social media consultant and web ‘techie’ who can log onto WordPress now claim to be a competent digital marketer, but only a few have really mastered and developed their technical offer into a strategic digital marketing agency.

Digital Marketing Strategies Written by Marketers not Techies!

Many B2B digital marketing clients and in particular; manufacturers see digital marketing as free marketing to save the cost and bother of sending posted mail.  We could write a marketing thesis on why the email service providers decide which emails are sent, spam filtered why open rates are dropping under the volume of spam practitioners and how domains can get blacklisted for this practice and don’t get us started on Microsoft Clutter feature in Outlook.  We could then write another digital marketing paper on why thousands of hours are being wasted on ineffective practices, particularly on social media platforms such as Facebook which are delivering poor ROI.

A Common Sense B2B Digital Marketing Agency

The Stratique digital marketing agency applies common sense, logic and tried and tested principles to our B2B digital marketing campaigns.  Your website landing pages should include the correct keywords, interesting and relevant content that strikes a chord with your visitor.  Your web pages should be optimised for user experience and should pass the 8 second rule for engagement.  Your website visitors should be tracked on the site and when they leave could continue to receive your messaging.  We apply common sense and logic to our campaigns and continually review and optimise our working practices; to do more of the activities that work, and less of the stuff other digital marketing agencies would be more than happy to charge you for.

Online Digital Marketing to Offline Lead Generation

We know from years of experimentation what works and how and when to follow up.  The Stratique digital team knows when to switch from online to offline and back again but the key principles of marketing apply as much in the digital marketing arena as they do in traditional marketing.  Attract the right target prospects, create interest and desire using the most appropriate media, (online video is fantastic if planned and executed correctly) create desire and a strong call to action.  When your messaging is tailored to your audience, the language they are using and they receive a coherent marketing campaign through, social media, Search engine optimised landing pages, Google AdWords, email marketing, remarketing ads, and it switches to offline such as telemarketing and posted mail, then you have a winning formula; a Business PropellerTM

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