Content Marketing

Content Marketing Agency for B2B

If you’re a business owner or marketer, you will know the importance of creating quality marketing content that can attract, engage, and convert your target audience. However, creating content that resonates with a B2B audience requires different expertise and experience. That’s where Stratique’s B2B content marketing services come in. 

As a content agency based in Tamworth, Staffordshire, Stratique provides a range of content marketing services as outlined below. 


First Class B2B Content Marketing Agency Services

Our content marketing team offers a range of content marketing services, including: 

B2B blogging service, content strategy development, B2B SEO landing pages, Google Ads landing pages, website re-writes, user journey analysis and digital content services. 

There are many reasons why we believe Stratique is one of the best B2B content marketing agencies in Staffordshire. First and foremost, we have a team of highly experienced and knowledgeable content creators who are passionate about creating B2B content that delivers results. With over 20 years of B2B experience, we know the ins and outs of B2B content marketing and understand what it takes to create marketing content that resonates with your target audience and search engines. 


Finally, A Content Marketing Company that Understands B2B

The content team at Stratique takes the time to fully understand your business, your target audience, and your business growth goals. We know that every business is different, and having a senior team that has worked both agency and client side, means we will understand more and faster, working closely with you to develop a content marketing strategy tailored to your unique needs and business objectives.   

Stratique offers various content marketing services, including blog writing, social media content creation, email marketing, and more. We have a team of skilled writers who are experts in creating high-quality content optimised for search engines and social media platforms.  

We understand the importance of creating content that’s engaging and easily shareable, and we work hard to ensure that your content gets in front of the right people. 


Content Marketing Services for Industrial, Manufacturing and Construction Sectors

We have produced content marketing services for a wide range of B2B sectors including numerous industrial markets, materials handling, contract manufacturing, plastics, engineering, logistics, capital equipment, building products and construction. 


Our Content Marketing Agency Services

In addition to our regular monthly content creation services, Stratique offers content marketing strategy development, content distribution, and analytics and reporting.  

We understand that content marketing is an ongoing process, and we work with you to develop a comprehensive diarised content marketing plan that includes the creation, distribution, and analysis of your content. 


Need a Fresh Content Marketing Strategy?

Need a content plan and a content strategy?  No problem, ask a member of our team for more details. 


B2B Blogging Services

Stumped for ideas?  Stratique’s blog copywriting services include content creation for SMEs, industrial, and technical blogs, manufacturing and engineering blogs as well as more general B2B copy. Let our experienced team develop a monthly blogging content plan and deliver it to you, with no fuss or hassle!  


SEO Writing Services

Fed up with your website ranking low, or are there typos you know are there, somewhere?  Give us a call and we will find them and fix them to improve your customers’ journey. 


Social Media Content Services

Need someone to take care of your social media content creation for LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? Ask about our low-cost social media content creation plans. 


Sales Content Creation Services

Could your sales presentation, emails or newsletter benefit from the magic provided by a content marketing agency? Give the team a call today. 


Why Choose Stratique As Your Digital Content Agency

One of the things that sets Stratique apart from other B2B digital content marketing agencies is our focus on results. We don’t just create content for the sake of it, we work towards achieving specific business objectives. Whether your goal is to deliver a printed mailer, increase website traffic, improve sales copy to generate leads, or elevate your SEO content creation to improve your search engine rankings, Stratique has the team and the experience to help you achieve your goals. As an award-winning agency, we have a proven track record of delivering high-quality content that’s designed to get results.  

We use the latest research tools and techniques to ensure your content is optimised for search engines, social media platforms, and other channels and we stay up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in content marketing, so you can be confident that you’re getting the best possible service. 

If you’re looking for the best B2B content marketing agency in Staffordshire, look no further than Stratique. Our team of experienced content creators, a personalised approach, and our focus on results, gives you everything you need to take your content marketing to the next level.  

Whether you’re a small contract manufacturing business, a large industrial contractor, or a B2B services provider, we have the expertise and experience to help you achieve your content marketing goals. So why wait? Contact Stratique today and start creating content that delivers results! 

Content Marketing FAQs

Question: How much does blogging/blog writing session cost

Answer:  It will vary depending on the size of the blog, the amount of research to create the blog, the number of words, and how much thought leadership is required.  A specialist blogging company working with corporate clients may charge one to two thousand for a single blogSome will charge more; some will charge lessTo give you an idea, Stratique has a monthly blog plan (around 500 words) which starts as low as £195/month plus VAT. 

Question: How much does social media content creation cost?

Answer:  Again, it depends on whether you want motion graphics, infographics and video content. A specialist agency working with corporate clients will charge multiple thousands of pounds per month to provide social media content. Stratique has a budget LinkedIn Social Media Content Creation package that starts at £147/month for 1 graphic post a week on LinkedInFor 2-3 posts a week across 2 social media platforms, Stratique has a social media package that costs just £297. 

Question: Who owns the content once it is produced?

Answer:  It depends on the Content Marketing Agency; each one has its own terms and conditionsWith a content creation company like Stratique, you do! 

Question: Do we have control over the content before it is published?

AnswerAgain, every digital content agency is different, but with Stratique’s website copywriting, social media copywriting, and for print, yes; all draft content that is created for you will be shared for review and comment.