B2B Social Media Marketing Services

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B2B Social Media Marketing Services

Social media in a B2B environment isn’t a panacea to solve all your marketing problems, and used in isolation will probably provide a very poor return on investment.  But it does play a part – even in business to business communication – and of course it is part of Google’s SEO algorithm, where a company’s ‘social presence and activity’ is rewarded.  It highlights a company that is active and utilising several digital channels and it shows prospective customers whether a company is serious about its communication.

Social interaction on the main B2B social media channels – such as Twitter and LinkedIn – does play a part in customer and prospect communication.  It can be used to start or join an industry conversation, to give an opinion on a current industry topic, or contact a prospect.


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Although B2B social media services shouldn’t play the largest part in your marketing for manufacturing armoury, Stratique is nevertheless skilled at making it work to our clients’ advantage.  We research current industry topics and make relevant insightful posts, ask pertinent questions or give a considered opinion.  It can also be used to introduce a new product or service and to drive your target audience to your website to develop the relationship.  By outsourcing this, it frees your team to focus on sales conversion.

It’s worth bearing in mind that many people use social media in their ‘social time’, so whilst browsing feeds on their personal interests, your corporate message can be delivered in a non-business environment. So should Facebook be used for B2B?  Let’s have a conversation.

A valuable B2B social media service for manufacturers

Stratique provides a full B2B social media agency service and is adept at setting up social media profiles, managing and keeping company pages up to date with relevant images and well researched and professionally written posts.  As specialists in B2B and manufacturing, we speak your language!