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B2B Marketing Services

If you want first-class business to business (B2B) marketing, then choose an agency specialising in the delivery of B2B marketing services.

One size rarely fits all, and many agencies today attempt to be all things to all people, which doesn’t work.  If you are in the industrial or B2B arena, you need an agency that talks your language and who you can trust to communicate effectively to those in your sector.

Stratique is a rare commodity in the marketing agency world.  Its managing director and creative director have spent their working lifetimes in the B2B space, and our digital marketing and telemarketing teams work on B2B accounts all day, every day.  We understand how to successfully market products and services to the people who buy them.

“We need a new brochure”.   If we had a pound for every time we’ve heard this, we’d be sitting on a beach somewhere very hot right now.  Too many marketing agencies are happy to answer that plea, produce a (probably) very nice brochure, take the money and run leaving the client with a negative return on investment.

At Stratique we like to dig a bit deeper and we often find that a new brochure will only paper over the cracks of a much wider issue – usually lack of sales!  Our business to business marketing services communicate the right message, to the right people, utilising the right mediums – all our communications are strategically sound and creatively exciting, going way beyond what a single brochure could achieve.

​Integrated, multi-touchpoint B2B marketing services

From business to business direct mail marketing, email campaigns, B2B telemarketing, generating interest in an upcoming exhibition or event, managing a B2B PR strategy, creating trade press advertisements or of course producing the new corporate brochure, there’s one thing that ensures our B2B marketing services stand out from the crowd – integration!  Our marketing communications never stand alone, and instead work in harmony to produce the best possible results. 

Creatively, we are very strong, but before we start, we like to get under the skin of your communication needs.  This way, we can write memorable B2B marketing materials that convince, nurture and educate.  At Stratique, proposition always comes before design.  Our creative team works closely with our digital marketers to ensure that campaigns fully integrate to optimise the strength of the message.  This integration creates an exponential effect and to use a well-worn engineering term – the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts.

Our B2B marketing skills run deep, having worked with world-leading manufacturers, blue-chip companies and emerging enterprises in many sectors such as automotive, aerospace, materials handling, building products, the heating industry, and with many of the trade federations that serve these industry sectors.

Specialist business to business marketing executed by specialist B2B marketers will always provide the highest return on investment (ROI), rather than a scattergun approach, and our clients are testimony to our successes in producing ‘work that works’.

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