The Industrial Marketing Agency

An Industrial Marketing Agency with a Difference

Stratique is an award-winning industrial marketing agency, based on the outskirts of Birmingham in the UK and has been developing and delivering proven industrial marketing and lead generation strategies for its clients for close to 20 years. We focus on the rhythmic acquisition of new customers and have a proven process called the Business Propeller.

Our marketing agency is focussed on delivering the right message to the right decision makers at the right frequency.  If we prove to be a good fit and the right industrial marketing agency for you, we would start the process by developing your unique marketing proposition, which resonates with the decision makers and purchasing professionals pain points in the relevant industrial job roles, and then we would deliver the right messages to them (the solution to their biggest problems), at the right frequency.  This process is based on the industrial marketing strategies and tactics learned by our senior team, from employment both client and agency side.

Whilst many marketing agencies will claim to have had some industrial experience of promoting a client in a particular industrial sector, it’s important to understand the differences between a generic marketing agency and a focussed industrial marketing agency here in the UK. Most UK marketing agencies have a business to consumer offering (B2C) whilst also operating in the business to business (B2B) sectors.  Some industrial marketing agencies, like Stratique, focus their activities on B2B, manufacturing and industrial marketing, exclusively. Our philosophy is to stick to the knitting and focus on combining the best industrial marketing agency strategies with role-specific targeting, nurturing and always with rhythmic follow-up.

How to Choose the Right Industrial Marketing Company for You

If you are looking for an industrial marketing agency to help you to grow your business and elevate your brand away from your competitors in a crowded industrial marketplace, then there are a few things to consider when selecting your preferred agency. If you want an agency that can develop your whole marketing mix including collateral, brochures, website, case studies, blogs, email marketing, telemarketing and social media, then it is advisable to choose an industrial agency with deep seated roots across a variety of industrial sectors, both light and heavy. As mentioned, many marketing agencies will claim to have an industrial specialism because they have designed a website or a brochure, so you should delve deeper than their agency pitch deck or graphic design portfolio and ask a few competency-based questions around 1st, 2nd and 3rd tier supply chains, their understanding of the tendering process, and what they know about industrial purchasing practices including preferred supplier programmes and audits, just in time, and Kanban programmes to name a few.

What Kind of Industrial Marketing Company Are They?

Is the agency design focussed, social media biased, or sales led? Or are they sector specialists such as a construction industry marketing agency?

Another thing to consider when selecting a full-service industrial marketing company is that they may be a jack of all trades and masters of none. It’s important to see how the marketing company is structured and where their teams’ strengths and weaknesses lie as it is extremely hard for a team of generalists to be sector focussed specialists particularly if they are jumping between B2B and B2C marketing or B2C advertising campaigns.

The Pros and Cons of Choosing an Industrial Advertising Agency

So would an industrial advertising agency be a good fit? It depends on your chosen strategy and your current in-house activities and how successful they are at driving growth.  If you have the basics covered in-house and you need specialist help in media buying or ad creation, then possibly.

Traditional advertising agencies will have a wealth of experience in purchasing advertising space, designing full page advertisements for print, predominantly in industrial trade journals. The problem with this approach is it can become expensive, and whilst this strategy is still popular with some marketing managers, as an industrial marketing strategy it’s a passive one and requires 3 things to align to gain any traction including a degree of luck so that the right prospect will (1) receive the journal (2) have the time to read the journal cover to cover and (3) remember the ad/offer after seeing it once and then moving on with their busy day.

An industrial advertising agency will try and sell you advertising, a Google Ads agency will try and sell you Google Ads and to be successful in the industrial sector, we have proven time and again that you need an integrated approach that mirrors the requirements and purchasing behaviours of an industrial purchasing professional or the key persons of influence in the organisation.

So what industrial marketing services should you consider?

The Most Effective Industrial Marketing Services

At Stratique we test and measure everything and have done so for nearly 20 years. We do more of what works and less of what doesn’t, to improve client ROI.  Below is a list of some of our more popular industrial marketing services and how they might fit into an effective industrial marketing campaign; at the top, middle and bottom of the sales funnel/pipeline.

Top of the sales funnel Industrial marketing services:

  • Industrial marketing proposition development and sector differentiation
  • Industrial content creation: Specific to job roles in purchasing, engineering, manufacturing, construction, quality control, sales, finance or operations to name a few.
  • Social media posts/articles/white papers/stories and videos to keep your industrial brand in front of the right prospects and decision makers with the authority and a need.
  • LinkedIn specific content creation and direct outreach using Sales Navigator to generate leads.
  • Industrial search engine optimisation (Industrial SEO). To ensure that the prospects searching for your industrial sector services find you instead of your competitors. The exact same process that may have brought you to this page.
  • Industrial digital marketing including text and banner advertising on Google to jump straight to the top of Google.
  • Printed advertisements in trade journals with a strong call to action.
  • Industrial trade shows, expos and exhibitions: perfect for meeting new prospects face to face.
  • Direct mail to new and established prospects: if done correctly, this is perfect for standing out from the crowd following a nurture campaign.
  • Cold calling: a very effective way to find the right person to ask permission to send more information.
  • Cold emails: can work but it is a numbers game with several potential pitfalls.
  • LinkedIn Advertising: again, can work if you know what you are doing but is considerably more expensive than Google advertising where the visitor has a higher propensity to convert.


Middle of the sales funnel industrial marketing services:

  • Direct messaging on LinkedIn to continue a conversation after connecting
  • Drip feed nurture campaigns: perfect to educate and nurture prospects until they know, like and trust your brand.
  • Sales letters and follow up: as part of a multiple touchpoint, multiple channel industrial marketing drip feed campaign.


Bottom of the sales funnel industrial marketing services:

  • Follow up calls/telemarketing appointment setting
  • Customer surveys
  • Offer based calls
  • Direct messaging and emails

Focusing on the buyer journey and engineering the industrial marketing services to guide your prospects down the sales funnel logically, will give you a distinct advantage with your industrial marketing campaign.

Industrial Internet Marketing

So where does digital sit within the industrial internet marketing landscape?

Over the years we have generated hundreds of millions of pounds of quotations for our industrial sector clients. Around 40% come from internet marketing and around 60% from outbound market activities listed previously.  The industrial internet marketing strategies that generate the best results have been LinkedIn ads, Google Ads and industrial search engine optimisationB2B Search Engine Marketing. The higher quality leads and larger order values have consistently come from our outbound industrial marketing agency activities such as LinkedIn, telemarketing and email marketing.

If you would like to understand more about the best approach to growing an industrial business, professional purchasing behavioural patterns or budgets and plans, please click the button below to book a no obligation industrial marketing discovery call.