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Lead Generation Company 

Finding a reliable and effective lead generation company is a problem that many businesses never solve. You may be one step closer to solving that problem by landing on this page.  

Stratique is a lead generation company with 20 years’ experience of finding and educating and nurturing budget holders in the B2B, industrial, manufacturing, engineering and construction sectors. We have built a reputation as a multidisciplinary lead generation company with a distinct advantage over telemarketing or purely digital companies: our roots in industrial marketing, our vast experience in sales copywriting for B2B lead generation campaigns, our systems and automation to track every sales lead generated for every client across every lead generation campaign and our inhouse telemarketing team who follow up to book appointments and requests for quotation. 

As an award winning lead generation company Stratique integrates inbound and outbound marketing and lead generation techniques to find the budget holders in the businesses that you most want to work with and educate and nurture them until they are ready to talk business now.

Lead Generation Services

There is a vast array of lead generating services on offer to businesses from inbound to outbound, from traditional to digital lead generation services. An effective lead generation services company will have a proven track record in campaign creation, direct response sales copywriting, database research and development, landing page creation, lead generation, lead follow up and lead conversion.   

Below is a list of our lead generation services which have been developed and refined and systemised over the last 20 years: 

  • Our LinkedIn lead generation services include daily post creation and dissemination, connection campaigns and messaging lead generation services.  
  • LinkedIn Ads lead generation service. 
  • Email marketing lead generation services that drive targeted traffic to specially designed landing pages on your website. 
  • Telemarketing lead generation services to interested prospects. 
  • Cold calling lead generation services to prospects who aren’t yet aware of your products/services and solutions. 
  • Search engine lead generation services to drive highly targeted visitors to your website to increase inbound enquiries.
  • Our Business PropellerTM  lead generation service packages up all of the above to ensure that the right things get done at the right time to find, educate, nurture and convert new prospects into qualified leads, then into customers and finally into key accounts. 


A Lead Generation Agency With a Difference

The need to feed the sales pipeline with new leads is an increasing challenge for every company, but the manufacturing sector is probably the hardest nut to crack. B2B lead generation is less glamorous than its retail or B2C cousins, and from a telemarketing and lead generation viewpoint, it is harder to attract first class people to work in these sectors. 

Good B2B lead generation companies are hard to find. There are many who promise much and deliver little. This is why Stratique was formed: to solve the biggest problem manufacturing companies face; how to find, win and keep more new customers. 

Where Stratique is different is that we deliver! So confident are we in generating sales leads with fully qualified prospects that if we don’t deliver, then we don’t charge! 


Our clients regularly enjoy a 500% - 2000% return on investment


67% of prospects who say ‘no’ now will be ready to buy in the next 12 months


81% sales are made between the 7th and 14th point of contact


85% of lapsed customers no longer trade with you because they feel neglected

Why are we so confident and bullish about our sales lead generation service for manufacturing and engineering companies? 

It’s because we have a system that works! A tried, tested, proven and continually optimised method of generating high quality sales appointments and leads with people who have budget, authority, and an immediate or upcoming need. 

We have a proven system for sales lead generation 

To us, Outsourced lead generation is not rocket science, but we are constantly surprised at how badly it is done by others. We believe this is because other B2B lead generation agencies play the numbers game, with telesales teams that hit the ‘phones to achieve as many dials as possible with the hope that they will hit the jackpot at some stage.’ 

This is not how we operate. We don’t play the numbers game. We research and find precisely the type of companies our clients want to work with. Then we find the right person and start to deliver our unique multi-touchpoint marketing system. 

Our telemarketing team is skilled at getting past gatekeepers and finding precisely the right person (money, authority, need and timeline) and delivering an overview of a client’s service. They are experienced in talking to production managers, operations directors, purchasing departments, maintenance and repair departments, as well as finance departments right up to the top. We make considerable investment in the skills and knowledge of all our people, and when we start working with a new client, the first thing we do is arrange for the whole telemarketing team to have a factory visit, so they can understand the manufacturing process, see the products and ask the questions they know they will be asked by your prospects. 

We re-engineer our system all the time 

Our system works because we start with the end in mind. What is the desired end-outcome? Often it is a face to face appointment with a fully qualified prospect who has the authority, budget and need. We then work backwards and design the perfect system to achieve this. 

Business PropellerTM is ‘our engineered system’ – which integrates all the best marketing practices, techniques and tactics to produce the best end outcome. Like most engineers, we constantly optimise and refine to make things better and we know it works as our clients all achieve great ROI and have total faith in us to represent them professionally, knowledgeably and honestly.