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All successful lead generation campaigns rely on high-quality data and LinkedIn is the best B2B database in the world. In the UK alone there are 28m LinkedIn users and it is the secret to finding the perfect customers for many sales teams. But where do you start? You could do a lot worse than get help from Stratique, a highly experienced LinkedIn Marketing Agency with the ability to create integrated LinkedIn campaigns and run them for our clients.

Many sales people have attempted to use LinkedIn for B2B lead generation. Some have been very successful, but most fall into the social media traps of liking, sharing and connecting without a proper strategy or a follow-up process and they end up wasting many hours for a poor return on the time invested.

Stratique is a LinkedIn advertising agency that has been working tirelessly over the past 19 years to develop a repeatable LinkedIn lead generation system and a methodology that has helped our clients find their perfect customers, start a conversation with them and then develop the relationship to become loyal repeat customers. Making consistent LinkedIn connections is one of the secret ingredients to the success of our unique Business Propeller system.

As a Linkedin marketing agency, Stratique will help you to improve your LinkedIn presence, optimise your sales team’s LinkedIn profiles, develop LinkedIn outreach and help you with LinkedIn tools such as Sales Navigator. As an established LinkedIn agency, we can run the whole thing and open doors for you, so you can use the time to close more deals.

Our LinkedIn agency team has been trained by the best and we have tested and measured the best tools, processes, strategies, LinkedIn CRM integrations and outreach messages to get our clients a steady flow of high quality sales meetings and, because we are a full service agency, when we take the nurturing conversations offline and we continue to build trust and rapport through email, personalised posted letters and telephone conversations, the real magic occurs!

So if you are like most business owners or sales professionals and want to harness the power of LinkedIn but want more than just a training session, then give us a call on 01827 69772 and we can jump on a Zoom call.

If you would like more information on how we can help you crack the LinkedIn code, please see below:

The Stratique system to maximise the effectiveness of the LinkedIn lead generation process is based on the following 5 concurrent activities:

  1. Growing your network of perfectly targeted contacts and prospects
  2. Engaging with your network methodically and regularly
  3. Nurturing them with interesting and relevant content to build your credibility
  4. Converting the conversation to sales after establishing a relationship
  5. Consistency of activity to avoid feast then famine

LinkedIn lead generation is a very time-consuming process and we can also advise you on how you could automate the LinkedIn lead generation process, as your sales function’s time is usually better spent helping customers than finding leads.

We can help you to automate or streamline all of the following strategies and more:

  1. Searching for Your Perfect Customers. Using the most effective LinkedIn tools such as Sales Navigator for maximum ROI.
  2. Profile Viewing. Viewing your ideal prospect profiles so they view yours in return.
  3. Connecting. Connecting with the prospects who view your profile.
  4. Sending Outreach Connection Requests. Sending personalised invitations to your ideal prospects asking them to connect.
  5. Engagement Messages. Welcoming new prospects to your network.
  6. Sharing Relevant Articles. Finding and sharing posts and videos and posting them on LinkedIn.
  7. Promotional Emails. Sending mass messages to your connections.
  8. CRM Integration. The best ways to optimise your CRM without upsetting LinkedIn.
  9. Moving Sales Conversations Offline. Tools to help you track and trace your online conversations and the hottest leads.
  10. Ongoing Support. Helping you to find, nurture and convert your best customers.
  11. Advice on LinkedIn Software Solutions. The tools to use and the ones to avoid.

If you would like to discuss prices, options and typical results then call on 01827 69772 and we can jump on a Zoom call.

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