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Email marketing services for manufacturing companies

If you want to stay in touch with your existing customers, lapsed customers and develop rapport with new prospects, then email marketing is still a highly effective tool in the professional marketers’ armoury; if it is managed correctly.

However, things have changed in the world of email marketing.  GDPR legislation is tightening the reins on data management and privacy policies, spam email practices are crippling email servers and the ISPs can blacklist you without warning.  Spam and clutter filters are reducing deliverability rates and we all receive so many messages every day that most emails are simply ignored.  So caution is advised.

The best email marketing option for manufacturing companies

Stratique was formed in 2003 with one objective: to help manufacturing companies in the UK find, win and keep new customers.  It does this by advising and offering services that are proven to work as part of an integrated sales lead generation system.  CRM plays a huge part in an effective email marketing campaign and we have invested in one of the most adaptable systems available to deliver personalised campaigns at the right time to the right people, tailored to our clients’ objectives.

Email marketing is just one tool to deliver your B2B marketing message

As mentioned above, our specialist B2B email marketing services have been developed based on many years of experience, testing and measuring. Email marketing is a highly effective way to nurture potential prospects and is one of several marketing services, that when combined, will deliver a rhythmic flow of new customers.

Email marketing data is a key component of a successful campaign, and strategies to develop the list and then work the list are important elements of a successful email marketing campaign.  Gaining opt-in and permission to market, as well as the implementation of email server deliverability strategies need to be considered long before developing compelling headlines and persuasive sales copy.

Knowing which phrases to avoid and how and when to use images are also integral elements of a successful email marketing campaign and in isolation email marketing is unlikely to be the panacea to all your marketing problems.  The best way to leverage email marketing is as part of a wider and more integrated approach.  One where multi-channel, and multiple touchpoints are the order of the day, week, month and year.

If you have an email marketing requirement or simply want to discuss sales lead generation, or direct marketing for manufacturing, then please call 01827 69772 today.  Alternatively, send us your details through our website, enquiry form or by email and we will give you a call.