About Us


Coming from a background in corporate manufacturing, Stratique was established in 2003 to help manufacturing and engineering businesses who wanted better quality customers.

The Stratique leadership team has a shared mission and vision to be known UK-wide as the go-to new business agency for manufacturing and engineering companies who want the highest quality sales enquiries without having to hire a multidisciplinary team.

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The B2B Marketing and Lead Generation Agency

We believe it should all be about you, but if you really want to know more about Stratique, we are a top B2B marketing and lead generation agency based in the Midlands with three distinct and unfair advantages.  1). our multidisciplinary digital and direct marketing teams, 2). our unparalleled experience in B2B marketing – particularly in the manufacturing sector and 3). our proven and trademarked lead generation process; The Business PropellerTM.  

If you would like to find out about how effective our B2B marketing and lead generation services are for our clients, we will put you in touch to discuss the incredible opportunities and returns on investment that The Business PropellerTM has generated for them.

The Business PropellerTM lead generation process.

Stratique’s proven Business PropellerTM was developed to address the biggest challenge that most business owners face: how to find new prospects with the budget, authority and need, start a meaningful conversation with them and nurture them until they become loyal, repeat customers.

Your lead generation problems solved.

No other agency has The Business PropellerTM; a unique and proven marketing system developed over 10 years which fully integrates the most successful marketing techniques and tactics to deliver a steady and manageable flow of new customers.

Being a trained engineer, Stratique’s Managing Director has developed a team culture of continual improvement.  The team at Stratique continually refines, tests and optimises campaigns to make the process of finding new customers LEAN and more effective. 

The philosophy behind Business PropellerTM is based around the following facts:

  • 81% of all sales are made between the 7th and the 14th point of contact so it makes sense to maintain regular direct contact with new prospects (who have the budget, authority and need), existing customers and lapsed clients.
  • 67% of prospects who say “no thanks” today will be in the marketplace in the next 12-18 months.  It is therefore critical to maintain regular contact with interesting relevant content. We do this religiously for our clients.
  • 99% of all web visitors will leave without ever making contact.  You therefore need strategies and mechanisms to capture the details of these lost opportunities and to start a personal relationship with them.


The Business PropellerTM is simply the most effective and proven system available to the B2B and manufacturing sector to generate sales appointments with buyers ready to talk business, now.

Take positive action and the first step today:  If you would like to discuss your marketing or lead generation requirements or The Business PropellerTM in more detail please call 01827 69772 now.

Our Core Values.

We hire, reward and manage expectations based on these 4 guiding principles

An open and honest hardworking team

Trusted advisers who do the right things

Committed to results and client growth

Courteous, professional and always with good humour