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Guarantees to Deliver 5-star enquiries to Grow Your Business.

Stratique is the leading B2B marketing company specialising in the manufacturing, engineering, and industrial sectors.

We excel in securing meetings with potential 5-star customers with an ongoing requirement,
which means you can predictably grow your business without hiring a
large in-house sales and marketing team.

If you want more B2B customers with a regular order requirement, then talk to the team at Stratique: The multi-award winning B2B Marketing Agency responsible for generating over £100m in B2B opportunities.

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If you are finding it difficult to devote the time, energy and resources to winning new
customers, then let our team of B2B marketing and lead generation experts do it for you.

At Stratique, we are a B2B marketing company that believes every business will win more customers
if they have the right team delivering the right messages to the right prospects at the right frequency.

We have a proven system (see the outsourced lead-generation page),

a no-nonsense approach, a class-leading team of B2B lead-generation experts,
who will give your sales and marketing the focus and commitment it deserves and needs to win more top-quality customers.

To find out more, without any obligation, call us on 01827 69772 today. 

  • qualified leadsMore qualified leads
  • 5-star customersMore 5-star customers
  • Rhythmic Follow-upMore repeat orders

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Stratique’s unique system (The Business Propeller) gives you a team of B2B marketing
and lead generation specialists for less than the cost of one junior hire.


Imagine if our award-winning B2B marketing agency team became your outsourced marketing services team: working on your B2B digital
marketing, outbound prospecting, nurturing, follow-up to generate weekly appointments and requests for quotation (RFQs). 


If we speak to more budget holders with a regular requirement, on your behalf,
it will generate more customers, more enquiries and more repeat sales, and it is all backed by our





stratique team

Finally, a B2B Marketing Agency that actually does what it says it will do – deliver results.

Here are just a few of the hundreds of wins we have generated for our loyal clients.
  • We delivered £1.9 Million worth of quotation opportunities for an injection moulding client in the first 11 months. They immediately renewed their contract resulting in £4.6m of quotations, in the first 18 months.
  • We helped a structural steelwork client find a £1m per annum customer within 12 months and then helped them to push on from £0.75m to £6m over 5 years.
  • We generated £1.5m in quotations for a lifting and handling equipment client during the pandemic!
  • We generated over a £1m quotation for a steel fabrication client in just over 6 months of starting with Stratique.
  • We have helped scores of SMEs start working with the likes of Rolls Royce, Argos, British Aerospace, Bentley, Bombardier, Cummins, Caterpillar, Aston Martin, Siemens, Komatsu, Lotus, Boots, Coca-Cola and hundreds more! See a small selection, below

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Just a few of the thousands of companies we have helped our SME clients to start working with:


How Does Our B2B Marketing Agency Operate?

It’s a bit like hiring the perfect employee, except instead of getting one set of skills, you get 6-8 experienced specialists working on every aspect of your B2B marketing and lead generation. All for a fixed monthly fee.

How much does it cost?

It’s similar to employing a junior with 2 years of experience but without NI, sick pay, pension contributions or maternity/paternity pay.

Do you have to sign up to a long contract?

No. There are no annual contracts. We create a simple-to-understand marketing services agreement with the Ts and Cs listed. Most plans are 3-month rolling, just like hiring a senior member of your team

Do we share leads with your competitors?

No. Everything is done under your brand. You have your own data set, your own LinkedIn network, telemarketers who aren’t working on a similar campaign assigned to you, and your own prospecting data based on discussions about your perfect target customer.

B2B Marketing Agency

    What is a typical ROI?

In truth, it varies. It depends on the client’s ability to convert, their offer, market conditions,
the value of their product/service and how long the campaign runs.

It gives a faster return on investment when promoting higher-value products/services and contracts.
Our clients typically see 6 to 7-figure growth from a £24k-33k annual investment. 500% -2000% ROI is not uncommon.

How do you get started?

It’s simple: We have a couple of strategy calls, then we agree on the commercials, and then we book a kickstart meeting where you get to meet our wonderful team.

What will you receive after signing up for Stratique’s B2B Marketing Service?

  • Our digital marketing team will fix the things that are broken or sub-optimal on your website
  • We will create/optimise your LinkedIn company page and personal account
  • Our outbound team become your prospecting team, and we take care of everything to market and promote your business:
  • Our senior team will create your B2B marketing strategy and campaign development
  • Our B2B copywriters will refine your website content, positioning and outreach campaigns
  • We will refine your B2B social media marketing strategy, and will write and post every week
  • Our LinkedIn team will work on improving your inbound enquiry generation
  • Our Search engine marketers will improve the quality of traffic you receive from Google
  • We will write keyword optimised landing page copy/blogs
  • Our B2B outbound lead generation team will grow your network on LinkedIn
  • Our award-winning telemarketing team will follow-up every warm lead generated by the digital and LinkedIn teams.
  • Our telemarketers will also cold call the prospects who aren’t active on LinkedIn
  • We will find the budget holders in the right businesses
  • We will connect/speak with them
  • We will ask permission to send them nurturing emails
  • When they know, like and trust your proposition, we will follow up
  • We will send ‘Evergreen’ emails
  • When they are ready, we will schedule appointments, meetings, site visits, and RFQs
  • We will obtain drawings, CAD files, call-off quantities and specifications
  • On The Business Propeller plan, we will give you an industry-leading ‘no leads, no-fee’ guarantee. No one else offers this.
  • We will help you to grow your business by delivering 5-star, fully nurtured appointments every week, and it  costs a lot less than one experienced hire.

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Our most Frequently asked questions:

Question 1: How do we deliver 5-star enquiries?

It’s a data-driven approach that drives our proven B2B marketing system:

Less than 1% of B2B sales are made on the first point of contact.

This is why we never ask for the sale or meeting on the first point of contact. Nurturing and timing are vitally important to the success of any B2B lead generation campaign before taking the conversation to the next stage. It’s a relaxed but structured courtship in the early stages

It takes on average 7-14 touchpoints to build enough trust to book a sales meeting and often a lot more.

On average, 81% of sales meetings are made between the 7th and 14th points of contact across multiple marketing channels.

This is because even in B2B markets, buyers place orders with people with whom they have a relationship. Suppliers they know, like and trust.

At Stratique we build this philosophy into every client campaign. The Business Propeller TM is our unique systemised approach to finding, educating and nurturing the correct prospects who have a budget, the authority and a regular requirement.

It typically involves fully integrating digital marketing and outbound lead generation best practices to deliver 5-star sales enquiries with the companies you most want to work with. See The Business Propeller TM plan and case studies for more details.

2 follow-up calls are not enough.

It’s an established fact that most BDMs give up the chase after 2 follow-up calls. Its understandable as it can be soul destroying to make a call only to be blocked by a gatekeeper. Its also a proven fact that the most successful salespeople rarely give up this early. The secret to improving lead conversions is to be helpful and friendly to build trust and rapport and to use smart systems to schedule the follow-up calls, rhythmically. This is what our team does on our Outbound Pro and Business Propeller TM plans

Websites don’t deliver enquiries  without a little extra help

Did you know that 98% of B2B website visitors NEVER contact the company website they are visiting? This is why a holistic approach is required to attracting more potential customers to your site before converting them. At Stratique, we have developed a proven B2B marketing and led generation system that places your website front and centre of a purpose built B2B lead generation funnel. This multi-channel marketing approach drives and tracks prospects behaviour and when the time is right, a follow up call is often all it needs to convert a nurtured suspect into a prospect..

Buyers place orders when they are ready, and not before.

Have you ever got frustrated that a perfect lead did not convert? This is a similar theme to following up, but if a project hasn’t been sanctioned or a CAPEX has not yet been approved the purchasing department is powerless to proceed. To cover this instance, we deliver what we call a B2B Evergreen campaign which combines regular (helpful) marketing communications with direct outreach. When the timing is right the evergreen gets answered and the sales call is booked.

Question 2: Who do you work with?

Stratique is a straight-talking, no BS specialist B2B marketing and lead generation company that works with business owners, Managing Directors and Sales directors of £1m+ manufacturing, engineering and industrial-focused companies that want to add another 7 figures to their business.

Our clients are open to the idea of implementing a proven system – The Business PropellerTM which gives them the marketing they need to help them achieve this business growth goal.

We also work with marketing managers in businesses who have a requirement to improve their digital marketing, website performance, LinkedIn/social media or email marketing.

Question 3: Does it work and what ROI should I expect?

We have learned over the past 20 years that we aren’t right for everyone. It won’t generate 6 figures in month one, and it wont ROI if you can’t convert a fully qualified and nurtured enquiry. The longer a campaign runs, the larger the pool of fully nurtured enquiries and the more momentum is built.

The first major milestone is the break-even point. Typically, clients go on to enjoy returns of 500%-2000% on their spend, sometimes a lot more!

Conversion is the job of the client and our job is to find the opportunities and the decision makers with a regular requirement and feed them in with regularity.

If you have a sales process that can convert around 20% or above and we deliver, say 100 fully qualified new customer enquiries (with a regular requirement) then you can do the maths based on the average annual value and lifetime values of a new customer.

Many clients have quoted over £3m in opportunities over 12-24 months from the ‘ovenready’ enquiries that we bring to them. Some have got there sooner, and some have taken longer, but it’s a fact that rhythmic activity yields rhythmic results, – because ‘the more you tell, the more you sell!’

Question 4: How much does it cost?

With The Business Propeller TM plan you get a team of digital marketers and copywriters, a LinkedIn outreach team and a telemarketing team working on your business growth on a daily basis. When you take into account The monthly fee is less than the cost of hiring a fulltime sales and marketing employee at £16 an hour.

The plan is priced to generate maximum value at an affordable fee that is a fraction of the cost of hiring a team of six to eight B2B marketing and lead generation specialists – which would be cost prohibitive and require at least a 6-figure salary budget and by adopting best practices, system automation we have the whole process optimised to deliver maximum ROI.

Unlike most marketing companies we are transparent about our pricing which is why you can see all of our plans and what they include on our plans and fees page.

Rhythmic Follow-up
Rhythmic Follow-up

Would you like to add 6-7 figures in recurring sales to your manufacturing business?

Would you like our B2B Marketing Agency professionals to take care of every aspect of your B2B marketing, social media and lead generation every month, so you can focus on running the business? All with a money-back guarantee?

In summary you will have access to our Strategic Planning Team, taking care of your:

  • Marketing Strategy and Brand Positioning
  • Campaign Strategy and Value Proposition Development
  • Professional Direct Response Copywriting
  • Account Direction
  • Business Growth and Pipeline Management

Our Creative Team Taking Care of Your:

  • B2B Campaign Development
  • B2B Collateral Design
  • B2B Positioning Strategy
  • Sales Copywriting
  • Graphics/Print/Exhibitions

Our Outbound Team Taking Care of Your:

  • Outbound Lead Generation
  • LinkedIn Marketing
  • B2B Telemarketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Direct Mail

Our B2B Digital Marketing and Social Media Team, Taking Care of Your:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Professional Search Engine Marketing
  • Content Marketing/Blog Creation
  • Inbound Lead Generation
  • B2B Social Media Marketing
  • Email Campaigns
  • Website Design and Content Updates
  • Web Hosting Cyber Security Patch Management
  • B2B Social mediaB2B Social media
  • LinkedIn marketingLinkedIn marketing
  • B2B telemarketingB2B telemarketing
  • Email nurturingEmail nurturing

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B2B Marketing Agency Packages to Suit All Budgets

We Can Work with You on Standalone Projects

  • Website design, development/mgt.
  • B2B marketing collateral creation
  • Social media | LinkedIn optimisation
  • Outbound/telemarketing campaigns
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We Can Help You with Your B2B Digital Marketing:

  • Professional B2B Search Engine Optimisation
  • Funnel building and paid social
  • Google and LinkedIn Ads campaigns
  • Social Media/LinkedIn outreach

The Business Propeller

  • Multiple teams working on your B2B marketing every day
  • Digital | SEO | Social | LinkedIn | Blogs
  • B2B lead generation | Telemarketing | Emails
  • A fixed monthly fee
  • Industry-leading guarantee: No leads, no-fee!


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