Marketing for Engineering

Marketing for Engineering Companies

If you are looking for a marketing company to help you find, educate and nurture a steady stream of new customers, then you have come to the right place. Welcome to Stratique, the marketing agency for engineering companies. 

An Engineering Marketing Agency Run by An Engineer

As an engineering company, you will understand the importance of innovation and optimisation. However, if you are like most of our engineering clients, marketing may not be your strongest area of expertise. That’s where Stratique comes in, the marketing agency run by an ex-engineer which means we know the language of engineering: whether it’s civil, structural, mechanical, chemical, or electrical engineering work you are looking for, we know our stuff! 

Our team talks with procurement teams and engineers every day to discuss projects and request drawings, BOMs, and detailed specifications.  We know our 3-axis from our 5-axis, our lasers from our press brakes, our lathes from our machine centres, our injection moulding from our rotational moulding, and our DWGs from our DXFs! 

Stratique specialises in providing both digital marketing and outbound lead generation services for engineering companies, helping them to start more conversations with more budget holders who have an ongoing requirement. 

Inbound and Outbound Marketing for Engineering Companies, All Under One Roof 

Our experienced team of B2B marketing experts understands the unique challenges facing engineering companies because we have been helping this sector for 20 years. We use traditional marketing to develop your positioning and value proposition, and a data-driven approach to help you reach out to and nurture more buyers in the companies you most want to work with to close more sales, using a combination of digital marketing and outbound/direct marketing activities to attract, find, educate, nurture and convert the right budget holders in the right sized businesses with the right kind of regular runners.  

Digital Marketing for Engineering Companies 

As a full-service engineering marketing agency, in addition to our outbound marketing services, Stratique offers a wide range of digital marketing services for engineering companies, including: 

We work closely with our engineering and manufacturing clients to create customized marketing strategies that fit their unique needs and goals.

Target-driven Engineering Marketing Services 

As a marketing agency for engineering companies, we understand the importance of reaching the right audience. That’s why we use data to identify your target audience and create campaigns that are specifically designed to reach them. Our goal is to help you increase your brand awareness and generate more leads that convert into sales. 


A Marketing Agency Committed to UK Engineering

As a marketing agency focused on engineering and UK manufacturing, we are committed to delivering measurable results for our clients. We track and analyse all campaigns to ensure that we’re delivering the best possible return on investment. Our team is dedicated to helping you grow your business and achieve your goals and to quote more work with the right kind of businesses. 

If you’re looking for the best Engineering Marketing Agency for your engineering business, that can help you increase your brand awareness with more buyers and budget holders, and then generate more leads, to help you close more sales, look no further than Stratique.  

To find out more about our marketing packages for engineering companies please call us today on 01827 69772 to learn more about how our marketing and lead generation can help you with the rhythmic acquisition of new customers and key accounts.