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Stratique’s marketing for manufacturing service – starting with the end in mind!

Marketing Agency Services for Manufacturing Companies

Do you need help generating quality leads and achieving significant ROI from your marketing?

Our marketing strategies for manufacturing companies have proven to deliver up to 2000% ROI.

At Stratique, we understand (from first-hand experience) the unique challenges manufacturing companies face when trying to find more customers with regular requirements and offer tailored marketing solutions to help you stand out from your competitors.

Why Choose Stratique?

  • Proven Results for Manufacturing Companies: With a track record of delivering returns of between 500% to 2000%, our proven strategies deliver a steady stream of new 5-star enquiries every week.
  • Industry Expertise: Our team has extensive experience in the manufacturing sector, ensuring we speak your language and understand your challenges.
  • Comprehensive Services: From lead generation to digital marketing, we provide a full suite of services designed to boost your growth.

Tailored Marketing Solutions for Manufacturing Companies

We combine innovative marketing techniques with a deep understanding of manufacturing processes. Our approach includes:

  • Targeted Lead Generation: Reaching out to the right prospects to fill your sales pipeline with high-quality leads.
  • Integrated Marketing Campaigns: Using a mix of traditional and digital marketing methods to ensure consistent and effective communication.
  • Continuous Improvement: Implementing ‘marketing Kaizen’ to refine our strategies and maximise your ROI.

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Manufacturing Marketing Agency

As leaders in business-to-business (B2B) marketing communications and sales lead generation for manufacturing and engineering companies, there are not many production processes that we haven’t worked on over the years.  We understand the challenges that UK manufacturers face getting production working leaner, faster and more cost-effectively to retain existing customers, whilst trying to compete with overseas players entering the UK market and attempting to win new business.

In a constantly changing and developing world, manufacturing companies need to invest wisely in marketing that they know will cover its cost and generate more new, repeat customers.  Stratique’s marketing for manufacturing service is unique and we help successful and ambitious UK manufacturers to develop a strategic edge over their competitors.

Marketing for Manufacturing Companies that has Generated 2000% ROI

Many manufacturing companies are run by engineers, meaning sales and marketing does not always sit comfortably within their remit, and the concept of blowing their own trumpet does not come naturally.  It therefore makes good sense to outsource your marketing and lead generation to a specialist marketing agency for manufacturers with the necessary skills and knowledge of manufacturing processes to achieve your growth ambitions.

Technical sales engineers in manufacturing companies are usually excellent problem solvers, once they are in front of a prospect.  They have the knowledge and experience to communicate at a high level and ultimately bring the technical sale to fruition – but ask them to make cold calls, and develop new leads from scratch, and in most cases, they will shy away.  Consistent, integrated marketing and telemarketing is simply not part of their skillset.  This is a job for a professional telemarketing and lead generation team (the hunters) backed by a creative marketing and digital marketing team (the educators and nurturers).

Generating a steady flow of new sales enquiries and converting them into new customers is one of the biggest challenges for any manufacturing company.  The pressure on internal sales people to perform at increasingly higher levels to generate their own new leads, manage existing accounts, progress new projects, whilst also knocking on more new doors, is huge.  You wouldn’t run a production cell like this, so why approach your marketing and lead generation like it?

Enjoy High-quality Sales Enquiries, Every Week!

Stratique has the solution, and it’s called The Business PropellerTM

Our unique agency is home to a marketing and lead generation team that is well-versed in the language of manufacturing and engineering.  They regularly target 1st – 3rd Tier automotive/aerospace prospects and new opportunities elsewhere, from materials handling, sheet metal fabrication, trade moulding, capital equipment sales, pharmaceutical or medical… whatever sector our clients wish to target, our team has the knowledge and experience required.

​Stratique also has the expertise and knowledge of manufacturing processes to talk to prospects using the correct language, and tone of voice, and with the experience and track record to develop a method that works and is repeatable.  It’s like ‘marketing Kaizen’ for manufacturing companies, delivering quality appointments and opportunities for our clients to close. The Business PropellerTM  is a tried and tested marketing process that systematically delivers a steady stream of new business opportunities, generating a positive return on investment.

By working with us, our clients can free up their in-house sales teams to do what they do best – meet people face-to-face to close a sale.  If we could get your sales team in front of 50 new, highly qualified prospects, how many could they convert?


96% of manufacturers have not invested enough into sales training and CRM.


99% of field salespeople give up trying to reach a prospect before the 5th attempt.


95% of manufacturing companies do not have a process driven approach to their sales and marketing.


81% of sales are made after the 7th point of contact.

Our marketing agency for manufacturing services are unique, by integrating traditional, digital and direct marketing techniques.

We work closely with our clients to build the perfect database of prospects.  We then find the right decision maker within the organisation and start a conversation – every new business opportunity we deliver to our clients starts with a friendly ‘hello’.

It’s not what you say, it’s the way you say it! 
Stratique says it better through innovative creative concepts, persuasive copy and precision execution.  Strategy leads and creative follows, to produce winning marketing communications for manufacturing companies above, below and through the line.

Targeted direct marketing
We never mass email people we haven’t spoken with or gained permission to market to.  GDPR compliant marketing aside, we know that spam communications don’t work, and consistent, high-quality communications to the buyers with the budget, authority and the need does. 

Strategic design and marketing
From advertising to direct mail marketing, new product launches, corporate identity and everything in between, our design team produces ‘work that works’.  Before we lift a pen or turn on a computer, we firmly explore our client’s desired end outcome and work backwards to engineer the perfect solution.

If you would like a steady stream of new customers and requests for quotation with the decision makers you would most like to do business with, call The Business PropellerTM  team today on 01827 69772 or email propeller@stratique.com