B2B Search Engine Optimisation

B2B Search Engine Optimisation

As a B2B Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) agency, we include website management as an integral part of our SEO service; these two optimisation activities go hand in hand, and are a central part of attracting the right B2B visitors to your website.

The acronym SEO stands for search engine optimisation.  Local SEO (or local search engine optimisation), makes it easy for prospective customers to find information about your company online, when they search specifically for your business or your competitors’ products or services.

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There’s a compound effect if the correct on-page technical optimisation is complemented by strong and regular content creation, a sound link building strategy, regional proximity and social media signals.  There are over 200 elements to Google’s search engine algorithm but not all are equal and what makes it challenging is that Google doesn’t share these factors readily, gives elements all different importance values and regularly changes the algorithm.  And if you thought that was challenging, it also adds random factors into the equation to ensure search engine results pages (SERPs) are not dominated by any one company.  Why does it do this?  Google makes its money from its pay per click advertising platform, Google Ads.

There are many terms that come under the SEO umbrella – search engine optimisation (SEO), website optimisation, search engine marketing (SEM), traffic generation, inbound marketing; the list goes on.  If completed correctly and professionally, the results will include; higher rankings of your website on Google, Yahoo and Bing for your chosen keywords, an increase in targeted (quality) visitors, higher engagement when they arrive on the correct landing page and more inbound enquiries.

This process means not only designing a website that looks good but one that ranks well with the search engines.  You need an SEO web agency that is excellent visually and technically but who can also write compelling content that flows, whilst including the relevant keywords and keyword phrases throughout the website.  Stratique is strong in all 3 areas; creatively, technically and content generation.

Take a look at our work to see our creative skills.  On the technical side we have an ongoing process to ensure meta information and other important components of your website are correct including conformance with GDPR by ensuring privacy and security measures are fully compliant.

Our methodology is all geared around increasing the number of visitors to our clients’ websites by obtaining the highest rankings achievable with the major search engines — including Google, Bing and Yahoo.