• Keyword Research: Firstly we will analyse the most searched and targeted keyword phrases which relate to your business.
  • Competitor Analysis: Next we look at the SEO techniques of your competitors for the keyword phrases we have chosen and see what we need to do to rank above them.
  • On Page Optimisation and Content Development: Once keyword research and competitor analysis are complete and with your website designed to your personal specifications, we then apply on page optimisation to your website and develop the content. On page optimisation is ensuring the right keyword placement on the most important areas of the page. This includes your HTML code, content, internal linking and navigation of the website. The aim of on page optimisation is to ensure the search engine spiders can crawl each page effectively, which means your website can be found on search engines.
  • Inbound Links: Links are votes of confidence for websites. The more links your website has the more votes it’s receiving. Inbound links are the most effective way of reaching and staying at number one in search engines. However, these links need to be from high quality and relevant websites. We build up backlinks back to your website through social media, article marketing, trade directory submission, professional newsletters with PR and Press Releases. We will also build up backlinks from high page ranked, relevant websites.
  • Tracking and Progress Reports- The important thing about SEO is to track the progress and measure the results. We always keep our clients up to date with monthly detailed reports; this includes monthly rankings and analytics.

A high search engine ranking will increase traffic to your website; a higher amount of visitors coming to your website means an increased chance of someone contacting you for your services. This will ultimately increase the number of clients you have and generate more money for your business.


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